Dec 16, 2020

Advancing Food Security and Food Safety through International Collaborations, a Seminar with Dr. Tawanda Muzhingi

The seminar with Dr. Tawanda Muzhingi from the International Potato Center highlights the impact of international collaboration in advancing food safety techniques to introduce the high nutrition orange flesh sweetpotato into the African market and impact food security.

Nov 19, 2020

Otro mundo es Posible: Dr. María-Elena Cazar Ramírez

Dr. María-Elena Cazar Ramírez presented her experience in international research as part of the CALS SAIGE International Seminar Series. This presentation was hosted over Zoom and Facebook live, which opened the seminar up to attendees from all over the world. This was doubly appropriate for Dr. Cazar Ramírez’s presentation, “Building bridges with International Collaboration: a Journey from Ecuador to the world”.

Apr 16, 2020

Dr. Carlos Iglesias: Growing Connections

CALS SAIGE hosted Dr. Carlos Iglesias, the new Director of the Plant Breeding Consortium at NC State, for an international seminar presentation.

Feb 20, 2020

From Raleigh to Djilor: Dannica Wall and Poultry Farming in Senegal

Poultry Science PhD student Dannica Wall gave an eye-opening presentation on her time spent in Djilor, Senegal as part of the CALS SAIGE International Seminar Series. Wall was sent abroad through Farmer to Farmer, a USAID-funded program that seeks to increase agricultural productivity, sustainable farming practices, and strengthen existing institutions.

Jan 17, 2020

Tummy Talk: Dr. Diego Bohorquez and The Neuroscience of The Gut

 In the final seminar of CALS SAIGE’s fall international seminar series, Dr. Diego Bohorquez, a gut-brain neuroscientist from Duke University, gave an interview and open dialogue about his experience with international research. The crux of Dr. Bohorquez’ current work rests at the idea that the little nervous sensors in the human gut, called neuropods, use nutritional information to communicate with the brain.

Oct 15, 2019

Dr. S. Gary Bullen: “Short Term International Opportunities”

As part of a series of seminars hosted by CALS SAIGE, Dr. S. Gary Bullen presented “’Short Term International Opportunities’ NC State Agricultural and Resource Economics”. Dr. Bullen reflected on his experience working with local farmers to build their business capabilities and reported on lessons learned.