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Three female students and three male students pose in the wolf ears in the brickyard.

Diversity and Inclusion

Fostering an environment of inclusion and equity for every member of the CALS community.

Inclusion. Equity. Respect.

The CALS Office of Diversity and Inclusion builds an environment where every student, faculty and staff member can reach his or her full potential.

See NC State’s definition of diversity and how diversity benefits everyone.

Diversity is what we say. Inclusion is what we do.

Diversity is about more than just one element of a person’s identity like race, gender or ethnicity. People are members of multiple communities simultaneously and live varied layered identities. At the intersection of these identities is a unique individual that we welcome, respect and celebrate.

Support Diversity and Inclusion at CALS

Please consider making a gift to the CALS Diversity and Inclusion Fund to support our equity and inclusivity programs. Your contribution will help ensure all members of the CALS community are valued and engaged.

Smiling students