Five men and two women gathered near a corn field.

Connecting Research, Education, and Outreach

Increasing Agricultural Innovation

Connecting Research, Education, and Outreach (CREdO) is a participatory system created by NC State designed to help countries around the globe explore collaborative opportunities to develop sustainable and integrated research, education and extension systems. By bringing together various ministries, local governments, universities and research institutions, growers and growers’ associations, and the private sector, CREdO aims to increase agricultural innovation and aid economic development in rural areas.

Along with supplying capacity building and leadership training programs, CREdO creates opportunities for participating stakeholders to:

  • Identify essential value chains throughout a country’s regions
  • Identify problems and opportunities along the value chain
  • Develop research proposals to solve identified challenges and leverage opportunities
  • Develop interinstitutional and interdisciplinary research chain parallel to the value chain

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at North Carolina State University has extensive experience working with universities, federal and state agencies, and agricultural producers and processors alike. The result has been an economic impact of US$1.55 billion (2014) while furthering NC State’s capacity to

Partnering countries include Peru, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kenya, but that’s just the start.

A man holding an ear of corn and speaking to a woman in front of a corn field.

Partner Highlight: INIA

The National Institute of Agrarian Innovation (INIA) is the primary governmental agricultural agency in Peru, similar to the USDA-ARS. In the coming months, INIA will be organizing a series of annual conferences on their focal research topics, and several NC State faculty have been invited as international experts.

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