Five men and two women gathered near a corn field.

Connecting Research, Education, and Outreach

Moving Agricultural Innovation Forward

Connecting Research, Education, and Outreach (CREdO) is an integrative system created by NC state to work with countries to develop sustainable and integrative research, education, and extension systems. By bringing together central government, local government, university and research institutions, and the private sector, CREdO aims to increase agricultural innovation and economic development in rural areas.

Some of the areas that CREdO works on:

  • Capacity building and leadership training programs
  • Identify essential agriculture and food value chains
  • Identify problems and opportunities along the value chain
  • Develop interinstitutional and interdisciplinary research chain parallel to the value chain

The CREdO framework is based on the lessons from the land-grant university which hinges on the idea of disseminating research outcomes to the public. The land-grant mission mandates universities to conduct research that are relevant to the local economies and in turn ensures that the research outcomes reach the agriculture industry and directly benefit them. In doing so, it emphasize alignment of applied research, outreach, and educational priorities of the universities. Similarly, CREdO framework brings together all relevant stakeholders who are involved in the three areas of research, education, and outreach in agriculture with the goal of enhancing agricultural productivity and income.