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International Seminar Series

CALS SAIGE  hosts a monthly International Seminar Series where invited speakers share their international research experience along with lessons learned and tips for graduate students who want to become more involved in international research.
All Graduate Students are invited to attend the seminars!
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Nagoya University: Japan

On July 3, CALS SAIGE hosted a session for graduate students to meet with a delegation from Nagoya University in Japan. During this session, the students interacted directly with faculty members and learned about the programs at Nagoya University, made connections for future research and post-doc opportunities, and shared their research interests with Nagoya University and fellow CALS graduate students.

International Seminar Kickoff

On September 5th, CALS SAIGE hosted its first International Seminar with Dr. Rick Brandenburg as the kickoff speaker. Dr. Brandenburg talked about his long history of working internationally, mainly in Africa and all the cultural intricacies he learned along the way.

Students Meet Pakistan Cochran Fellows

On November 5th, CALS SAIGE members met with the newly arrived Pakistan Cochran Fellows. The students were able to share details about their research and ask the Fellows questions about their professional experiences.

National Agricultural Student and Research Institute: Congo

On July 23rd, CALS SAIGE hosted a session with Dr. Amand K. Mbuya, Administrator of National Agricultural Study and Research Institute (INERA), who was visiting NC State University on a learning tour of American Agricultural systems in the U.S. This was a session for both Dr. Mbuya to learn about NC State's research and for the CALS grad students to learn about opportunities to work with INERA.

International Student Welcome

On September 7th, CALS SAIGE and CALS International Programs hosted a welcome party for new CALS international graduate students. There were students from all over the world in attendance including: China, Nepal, Paraguay, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Philippines, and Germany. This event was a time for current CALS graduate students to mingle with the new students and offer their support while they navigate a new degree program and new country.

Dr. Bob Patterson Presents at the International Seminar Series

On October 26th, Dr. Bob Patterson, a NC State faculty member of 50 years, presented in the CALS SAIGE International Seminar Series about his extensive international research experiences. Dr. Patterson shared interesting stories and insights from all of his travels.