Study Abroad Programs

Our CALS group study abroad programs — specifically designed for CALS students — offer unique opportunities for learning and travel. And you’ll receive class credit for the work you complete, since our programs are supported or sponsored by NC State, and are led by faculty or staff members.

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Study Abroad

CALS has numerous customized Study Abroad opportunities designed to meet the growing needs of CALS students and are led by CALS faculty and staff throughout the globe.

Scroll through the current opportunities to find one that matches your needs and see the world of opportunities!

Current Study Abroad Students, share your experiences through the student questionnaire form and share your experiences through social media! 

Virtual Engagement Program

Leadership in a Virtual World

Participate in a virtual engagement  program with students from the School of Agriculture, Fertilizers and Environmental Science at University Mohammed VI Polytechnic in Morocco.

Experience diverse teamwork, active listening, conflict management, leadership/followership, critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication through a variety of group assignments with agricultural and non-agricultural leadership themes. In the 7-week program, there will be facilitated dialogues and intentional activities, where you will develop critical skills that are relevant in today’s global workforce.  Download the program flyer.

Project-Based Learning

New program starting in Fall with CALS SAIGE

To register contact Dr. Adrienne Tucker at


Global Online Courses

This Spring Semester NC State students can participate in global online courses with the
Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador

Through this program, students will learn alongside, and share a classroom with individuals from all over the world.

Students can choose up to 5 courses offered in English, and, depending on their Spanish level, can mix English and Spanish offerings to best suit their needs and interests.

USFQ’s credit system is the same as the North American/United States system.

Students participating in this program will pay tuition through NC State.

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Global Internship Opportunities

Virtual Global Internships

While continuing with NC State semester studies and at a low cost, virtual global internships are a valuable tool to help develop professional work skills and cultural competence.

Virtual Internship Opportunities are available through:


Why Study Abroad?

Tremendous cultural, personal and academic growth. Increased marketability upon graduation. Expanded horizons. These are just a few of the benefits to students who study abroad.

Studying abroad also fulfills the Global Knowledge co-requisite degree requirement for NC State students.

Where in the world would you want to learn? The possibilities are limitless.

Boost your earning potential

Study abroad alumni earn on average $7,000 more in starting salary compared to the general population of U.S. college graduates.

Paying for Study Abroad

Costs for studying abroad vary depending on length and type of program. Scholarships and financial aid for study abroad are available for fall and spring semester. But early planning is crucial to get financial support.

We recommend that students attend one of the Funding Info Sessions hosted by the Office of Study Abroad to learn about paying for a study abroad experience.

Parent and Family FAQ

Parental support is essential to the success of a student’s study abroad experience. Studying abroad will help your student become an independent, global citizen.

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Visit the NC State Office of Study Abroad website for general application and payment deadlines. There may be exceptions; we suggest visiting the program’s brochure above for specific deadlines.

Yes. Credit earned abroad on semester programs is transferable, provided the student passes the courses with the equivalent of a C- or above and has pre-approval by the academic department. In addition, most of the Study Abroad Office’s summer and short-term, faculty-led programs offer NC State credit for courses taught by NC State faculty, so the credit earned is just like taking summer session classes on campus.

The NC State Study Abroad Office is available to help, answer questions, provide assistance and support students every step of the journey. Students participating in the semester and full-year programs are required to attend a general advising session through the NC State Study Abroad Office, as well as meet with a study abroad advisor prior to applying to any program. In addition, all students are required to participate in a mandatory pre-departure orientation program in which program participants are informed about topics including passports, visas, immunizations, housing, health and safety, and culture shock.

Student safety is our highest priority. General safety issues, as well as any country-specific precautions, are discussed at the mandatory pre-departure orientation and are included in the materials provided to the students by the NC State Study Abroad Office.

All NC State students in faculty-led, NC State sponsored programs are registered with the local U.S. Embassy upon arrival. Students in the semester or year-long programs register with the U.S. Embassy on their own via the US Department of State’s Smart Traveller Enrollment Program, and they are given the information on how to do so during orientation. The Study Abroad Emergency Response Team manages any emergencies that may occur while students are abroad. This team receives U.S. State Department travel information and is available 24 hours a day through the NC State Campus Police.

All students from NC State participating in a university-sponsored program abroad are required to carry a study abroad health insurance policy (often included in the cost of the summer programs).

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