Research Pack Abroad

Welcome to the CALS Research Pack Abroad blog page. Read about our undergraduate students' international research experience.

Our Students - Summer 2018

Jasmeen CALS International ProgramsJasmeen Kaur Mandair
Hi, my name­­­­ is Jasmeen Kaur Mandair. I graduated with BSc. in Biochemistry in May 2018. I have always been interested in research, so I worked with Dr. Trino on Tomato yellow leaf curl virus studying the cloning and the cell cycle of the virus during my undergraduate. I immediately took the opportunity of this internship when it was offered to me because of how closely It is related to my major. Secondly, I will get to experience a different part of the world and learn about the culture. I am looking forward for the experience that will prepare me for a full-time research position.


Kirby CALS International ProgramsKirby Morris
Hi! My name is Kirby Morris and I just finished my sophomore year studying biochemistry and Spanish at NC State. I’m originally from Pittsboro, North Carolina and I have always wanted to travel abroad. I took advantage of this opportunity because I was already intending on participating in a study abroad to Spain this summer (a group trip to Valencia), but this program allows me to be more independent. Additionally, it will help me gather valuable research experience, so it really combines everything I’m studying.


Mark CALS International ProgramsMark Watson
Mark is a second-year undergraduate student in the Crop and Soil Sciences department majoring in three subjects, with an eye on a fourth.  His internship is with the International Potato Center in Lima, Peru. “Their mission has a lot in common with what I like to do. They do really cool research that focuses on research like genetics, breeding, and the pathology of sweet potatoes and potatoes and a lot of root vegetables that are not known in North America, but they’ve been cultivating in the Andes.”