Research Pack Abroad

Connecting undergraduate students to international research experiences.

Developing Research Skills Globally

Research Pack Abroad provides undergraduate students international research experience – working side-by-side with scientists and immersed in another culture. Students are connected with a host international research institution, where they conduct research for at least 2 months during the summer.

Through this experience students will:

  • Gain in-depth of knowledge of laboratory procedures and/or field research protocols
    at an international research institute
  • Communicate scientific terminology among international researchers
  • Demonstrate knowledge of host country’s work culture and local community culture
  • Develop new perspectives on student’s native culture and the ability to think critically about student’s values, beliefs and goals
  • Develop skill sets for maneuvering through complex situations and increase capability
    to problem solve
  • Develop knowledge of a foreign language through immersion

Interested in participating in Research Pack Abroad?

  • Sophomore standing
  • Experience or strong interest in research
  • Will require support from major advisor
  • If Interested, email resume/CV and cover letter explaining research experience and where you wish to engage in Research Pack Abroad to Dr. Adrienne Tucker at

Support our students to help them participate in Research Pack Abroad to reach their maximum research potential while having a global impact. 

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2024 Summer Participants

Rebecca Shenk

Rebecca is a first-year Food Science student at NC State. She enjoys playing piano, drinking coffee, and playing board games with friends in her free time. Rebecca is conducting research at the Polytechnic University of Valencia this summer in food safety, and will be working to develop a visual indicator test for listeria, methyl-mercury, and histamines. She is excited to be back in the lab and to be gaining international perspective.

Sophia Nunez

Sophia is a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry with minors in Biotechnology and Computer Programming. Sophia will be doing research at Nagoya University in Dr. Ichiyanagi's lab. This is an epigenetics lab where I will be researching the role of promoter elements in the regulation of gene expression. With the use of CRISPR/Cas9 technology, we will modify long terminal repeats to observe their cis-regulatory activity. This data will be used to determine possible improvements for cancer treatments!

Tommy Godwin

Tommy is a junior studying Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems and International Studies. I will be going to Nagoya University researching photorespiration and water use in rice. Global warming has been a key issue with rice production in recent years with increasing temperature lowering the rice quality and yields. The goal of the project I am working on is to increase understanding of stomatal dynamics of field grown rice under drought and heat stress.

Jacob Baker

Jacob is a junior currently getting a degree in biochemistry and a minor in genetics. I am also in CALS honors and the University Scholars program. Both organizations have made it possible to do what I am doing this summer which is studying at Nagoya University in Japan under Dr. Ichiyanagi. I will be studying the differences between human and chimpanzee cells after they have begun growing. This research aims to see how epigenetic gene regulation via histone modification and DNA methylation affect the phenotype of the human and chimpanzee cells as they mature. Human and chimpanzees share 98% of their genomes with each other but are obviously different, so we are studying those small differences to better understand how gene regulation works. I will be receiving class credit for this course and will be presenting my research at the fall symposium.

Zoe Tobien

Zoe is a rising sophomore who was initially undecided, starting in exploratory studies, and is now in environmental science. I’ve discovered an interest in agriculture and paired with the strong desire I’ve always had to study abroad, I figured this opportunity was great! My interest lies at the intersection of the environment and agriculture, especially in sustainable agriculture and how climate change will continue to affect unpredictability for farmers. My research in Valencia, Spain will center on the amino acid content of organic vs non-organic tomatoes.

2023 Participants

Renee Long

Renee is a senior in Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems and is conducting research at Universitat Politecnica de Valencia. Renee is working with Valencia Club Cocina to research gastronomy and food nutrition. She also gets to experience how a small business operates in Spain by assisting in some of the operational details of the cooking clubs business.