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Child's outstretched hand with blueberries

Farms, Food and You

Issues in agriculture affect not just farmers. They influence our lives every day. Explore these issues with NC State University experts and others with ties to agriculture and food-related industries in North Carolina and beyond.

One-on-One with the N.C. Agricultural Research Service’s Steve Lommel

When it comes to NC State University’s impact on agriculture, the North Carolina Agricultural Research Service’s discoveries lead to the way. Director Steve Lommel provides an update on the service and the groundbreaking research that’s changing farming and food for the better.

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Steve Lommel in a university laboratory

Next Episode: What Does the Future Hold for N.C. Hemp?

Hemp has been touted as a crop with some 25,000 uses – from health products to clothing, from biofuels to a construction material known as hempcrete. With modern hemp production heading into its fifth growing season in North Carolina, what does the future hold for the crop?

$92.7 Billion

Food, fiber and forestry industries contribute over $92.7 billion annually to North Carolina’s economy. That’s 17 percent of the state’s $538 billion gross state product, according to “Agriculture and Agribusiness: North Carolina’s Number One Industry.”

Source: CALS Economist Mike Walden