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Child's outstretched hand with blueberries

Farms, Food and You

Issues in agriculture affect not just farmers. They influence our lives every day. Explore these issues with NC State University experts and others with ties to agriculture and food-related industries in North Carolina and beyond.

Growing Food Entrepreneurship in North Carolina

Roughly 80% of crops grown in North Carolina are shipped out of the state to be processed. What’s being done to tap the potential for food entrepreneurs to keep these commodities here?

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Student and professor holding a beverage product they developed in a grocery store.

Next Episode: Why NC Farmers Need Good Internet

What challenges do farmers face in making the best use of new technology when they lack affordable high-speed internet? And what’s being done about it?

$95.9 Billion

Food, fiber and forestry industries contribute over $95.7 billion annually to North Carolina’s economy. That’s 16% of the state’s $592 billion gross state product, according to “Agriculture and Agribusiness: North Carolina’s Number One Industry.”

Source: CALS Economist Emeritus Mike Walden