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CALS Career Services

We prepare students to pursue successful careers and connect employers with skilled talent.

Our Graduates are in High Demand

Six months after graduation, 68% of our graduates were either working in their chosen field or attending graduate or professional school. Roughly 80% of all CALS graduates and 91% of AGI graduates have jobs in the agriculture and food industries.

We can help put your CALS degree to work.

Career Opportunities

Not everyone who wants to work in agriculture and life sciences needs a farm.

In fact, more than 85% of food and fiber industry jobs are not linked to farming:

  • 50% are in business management
  • 12% are in agricultural education, communication, policy or regulation
  • 27% are in the STEM fields

Many fields have more jobs than we have graduates. In one high-need field, we are placing 95% of our CALS graduates with degrees aligning with that industry.

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CALS Career Services Office provides you with the necessary tools to make the transition from college to career. You can also make an appointment via ePack.

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