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No matter what ag or life sciences career you’re thinking about, we’ll make sure you are well prepared.

Why You Should Attend CALS

North Carolina has one of the largest, most diverse agricultural industries in the nation. We develop, grow and market hundreds of different crops. Add in the state’s life sciences industry and you have an unbeatable combination.

We focus on teaching students. We nurture and promote their discovery of new knowledge. We engage them in the delivery of technology and innovation that transforms challenges into agriculture and life sciences opportunities.

Through our four Collaborative Systems comprised of 12 departments, we provide 19 undergraduate majors, 19 minors, 25 graduate programs, undergraduate and graduate certificates, and the Agricultural Institute offering six, hands-on two-year degree programs.

There are tremendous opportunities in agriculture and the life sciences. It’s our privilege to help you get ready for yours.

3,831 Total CALS Students

63% in 4-Year Undergraduate Programs
10% in 2-Year Agricultural Institute
26% in Graduate Programs
1% Non-Degree Seeking Students

CALS by The Numbers

#1 Return on Investment among N.C. Public Universities
#4 Best Value among National Public Universities
$1M+ in Scholarships Available to Undergraduates
Upon Graduation: 43% of Graduates Held Full-time Jobs
27% Pursued Postgraduate Degrees

CALS Grads in High Demand

USDA forecasts demand for college graduates in agriculture and food industries to be 57,900 a year.
American agricultural colleges only produce 35,400 graduates a year.

AG*IDEA at NC State

AG*IDEA is an affiliate of the Great Plains IDEA, a national consortium of universities offering distance education programs and courses in agriculture.

Completed courses appear on a student’s transcript as NC State courses with the grade assigned by the teaching faculty member regardless of the professor’s university.

AG*IDEA has three instructional terms in a calendar year: spring semester, fall semester, and a summer term, which corresponds to the NC State 10-week summer term.

CALS Academic Mission

The academic mission of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is to deliver exceptional teaching and advising so graduates address the complex challenges of agricultural innovation, food security, climate resilience, energy needs, and sustainability. Our graduates are life-long learners, engaged community members, and recognized leaders in agriculture and life sciences.

CALS Academic Advising

Have Questions? We’re Here to Help.

For more information about CALS Majors and Minors, contact the Student Services Center.

To add or change a major, visit the Student Services Center’s Change of Degree Application (CODA) webpage.

For all other questions, call us at 919-515-2614, or email us at