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CALS Impact Report 2023

In 2023, donors like you came together to lend their support and empowered us to continue to create unique, memorable, and extraordinary experiences for students, faculty, and staff. You inspire us to continue to do great work.

From the Dean

On behalf of all of us here at CALS, thank you for your support.

Whether it’s empowering the next generation by funding scholarship opportunities or advancing cutting-edge research in agriculture and life sciences, your gifts are a catalyst for change.

Thanks to generous donors like you, CALS received more than $38 million in fiscal year 2023. We awarded more than 850 scholarships, totaling over $1.8 million to 576 CALS students, a 20% increase in scholarship funds awarded over last year.

The research conducted by our students and faculty remains at the forefront of our college, and your dollars ensure that this research remains a powerful force for good.

As you know, our impact reaches far beyond the classroom. Because of your generosity, we delivered over 136,000 extension education activities last year, through more than 1,000 NC State Extension personnel in 101 local and statewide extension centers. Over 5,800 youth gained employability and career-readiness skills through impactful youth programs like North Carolina 4-H and FFA.

But philanthropy isn’t just about giving; it’s about giving back and empowering the next generation of leaders. Philanthropy brings us together as a community. Having just completed my first semester as dean for CALS, I’m inspired by all the investments made in our College and excited about the future. Thank you for all you do for NC State University and for the College.

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Below is the annual CALS Impact Report, which highlights even more of the opportunities created by donors like you for our college, the state of North Carolina and beyond. Here’s to an extraordinary New Year, and as always – Go ‘Pack!

– Dean Garey Fox

Because of Your Support

Day of Giving: 2023

Student Impact

NC State Extension

Inspiring Future Leaders in Agriculture

Professional Development

The CALS Alumni and Friends Society and CALS Academic Programs partnered to connect CALS large and dedicated alumni base to the college through the CALS Alumni for Student Success (CASS).

The initiative servers to purposes: to develop an alumni recruiting network and to provide career coaching for students.

Recruiting: Alumni serve as a point of contact in their area for prospective CALS students by attending local events to promote CALS to schools and community groups.

Career Coaching: Alumni will be matched with current CALS students to develop a one-on-one relationship and support the student with information, advice and encouragement as the student works toward a defined career goal. Alumni career coaches will also take part in networking events and informational panels hosted by CALS Career Services.

CALS Tailgate 2023

CALS Tailgate 2023

Across the State

Research and Industry Impact

Undergraduate student Zach Gabor works in the Robert H. Feldmeier Dairy Processing Lab in Schaub Hall; Gabor works with milk products and Howling Cow ice cream. Photo by Marc Hall
Undergraduate student Zach Gabor works in the Robert H. Feldmeier Dairy Processing Lab in Schaub Hall; Gabor works with milk products and Howling Cow ice cream. Photo by Marc Hall

A Lasting Legacy for Dairy Science

Four graduate students became part of a living, working legacy this fall. Tina Truong, Kai Ow-Wing, Yufeng Lin and Tyler Jarrard are the first recipients of the William E. Younts Jr. Dairy Science Graduate Support Endowment, benefitting graduate students as they pursue their advanced degrees focusing on dairy processing and or dairy food manufacturing with the Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences. In the process, they are fulfilling the legacy of the award’s namesake and his son, Bud Younts, who made the endowment possible.Read the full story.

N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative

JTI Partners with N.C. PSI to Advance Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture

The Philanthropic Pioneers of Plant Sciences

Linda Trolinder’s mother Norma is, in fact, a pioneer and a fantastic scientist. As one of few women of her generation in the field of plant sciences, Norma Trolinder received the USDA Agricultural Research Service’s Early Career Scientist of the Year, Southern Region Award in 1991 for her research in genetic cotton engineering. Her patented technologies are what make genetically modified cotton possible. With her specialty in in-vitro biology, Norma taught at Texas Tech University, worked as a research scientist for the USDA and founded two biotech companies throughout her robust career. Learn the full story.

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