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Farms, Food and You

Issues in agriculture affect not just farmers. They influence our lives every day. The podcast "Farms, Food and You" explores these issues with NC State University experts and others with deep ties to agriculture and food-related industries in North Carolina and beyond.

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Local Food, Local Opportunities

Interest in locally grown food has grown over the past two decades, and the pandemic has brought more attention to this important segment of North Carolina's agriculture industry. But it's also brought challenges and opportunities.

Next Episode: Community Gardens

Community gardens can give people who don’t have land the chance to grow healthy food while connecting with others. At a garden on a former plantation in North Carolina’s Piedmont, refugees from Myanmar are reconnecting with their agrarian roots, producing the kinds of Asian vegetables that they and their ancestors grew before a long, brutal civil war caused them to flee.

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$92.7 Billion

Food, fiber and forestry industries contribute over $92.7 billion annually to North Carolina's economy. That's 17 percent of the state's $538 billion gross state product, according to "Agriculture and Agribusiness: North Carolina's Number One Industry."

Source: CALS Economist Mike Walden
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What's happening on the farm?

North Carolina has a rich agricultural history, and the typical family farm is changing all the time. Come with us as we meet some of the folks who are ensuring our food’s future.