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Our work is challenge-focused and impact-driven.

Solutions Start Here

Just as plants are integral to a wide breadth of our daily lives, from agriculture and climate change to energy and human health, so too must the plant sciences be dynamic and interdisciplinary in order to solve the grand challenges of our time. The plant sciences require the collaborative effort of great minds across all disciplines, approaching applied research through bold curiosity, academic barrier-breaking, multi-sector partnerships and technological innovation.

  • Increasing yields
  • Creating new varieties
  • Extending growing seasons
  • Enhancing agricultural and environmental sustainability
  • Producing new and improved technology

  • Preparing farms to keep pace with a fast-moving future to help ensure a healthier, well-fed world.

3 Research Platforms:

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Thriving Together

Connecting the brightest minds in academia, government and industry to drive vital research and innovation.

The Strategic Triad

The partnership of N.C. PSI, Plants for Human Health Institute and NC Food Innovation Lab is what the PSI is all about. This collaboration of government, academia, and industry aims to overcome the challenges associated with successful food production and healthier human consumption.

Seedlings in trays, viewed from above