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Student checks on research in phytotron


Our work is challenge-focused and impact-driven.

Solutions Start Here

The challenges facing agriculture are complex and multifaceted. Solving them requires bold curiosity to ask critical questions from a different perspective and courage to break down academic and research barriers and engage experts across disciplines in the pursuit of innovation.

  • Increasing yields
  • Creating new varieties
  • Extending growing seasons
  • Enhancing agricultural and environmental sustainability
  • Producing new and improved technology

  • Preparing farms to keep pace with a fast-moving future to help ensure a healthier, well-fed world.

We focus our bold, interdisciplinary research on three key areas.

N.C. PSI + PHHI + NCFIL = The Strategic Triad

The strategic triad of N.C. PSI, PHHI, and NCFIL brings together the latest research, resources and expertise in agriculture and plant processing.

Seedlings in trays, viewed from above

90+ Crop Varieties in N.C.

We’re helping the state’s already-booming agriculture industry expand to produce more.