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N.C. PSI Makerspace

Where plant science innovation meets in-field impact.

The N.C. PSI Makerspace is a lab for rapid prototyping of low-cost custom hardware and software solutions for monitoring plant and crop systems across agricultural scales. It is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, tools and equipment to enable collaborations among N.C. PSI researchers from different disciplines. It is the only Makerspace lab on NC State‚Äôs campus dedicated exclusively to the support of interdisciplinary research in agriculture.

Makerspace Equipment

From 3D scanners and printers to laser cutters and power tools, the N.C. PSI Makerspace is equipped with all the tools you need to create technological solutions to the grand challenges in agriculture.

The N.C. PSI Makerspace is open to NC State faculty, staff, students and postdocs to design, prototype and test devices for interdisciplinary research projects. The N.C. PSI Makerspace was recently utilized by a faculty member to modify the 3D design of a first generation prototype after it has been tested in the field by optimizing design and sensor inadequacies. The N.C. PSI Makerspace is not currently set up as a service center for external users.

The Lab Space

The N.C. PSI Makerspace is located on the third floor of the Plant Sciences Building on Centennial Campus at NC State University. It is a 1,550-square-foot laboratory environment made up of one large lab and 2 smaller flex labs. It also includes a one stop shop for working with electronics, including soldering stations, testing equipment and tools for assembly.

electronic stations

N.C. PSI Makerspace Director

Andrea Monteza

Andrea Monteza


Andrea holds a degree in Mechatronics Engineering. She has several years experience working on interdisciplinary projects that involve electronics, mechanical engineering and programming. Her specialty is in embedded systems, rapid prototyping, IoT technologies, and maintenance and use of Makerspace tools and equipment.