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Resilient Agricultural Systems Platform

This platform unites two approaches—the social science aspect of food production and availability and the industrial aspect of food sustainability. 

  • We create crops that adapt to and withstand environmental shifts, climate change, pests and pathogens. 
  • We explore how to be good environmental stewards, producing food efficiently while preserving natural resources. 
  • We prevent loss, ensuring crops get to market and farmers get paid. 
  • We study logistics, delivery systems and food economics, evaluating product affordability for consumers as well as profit and risk for farmers. 
  • We strive to answer society’s questions concerning food visibility, safety and sustainability. 
  • We think beyond food, collaborating with partners across disciplines on other plant products, like fiber and biofuels.


Relevance to Industry, Producers and Consumers

  • Promote sustainability of natural resource base
  • Encourage new product development in new markets of opportunity
  • Build trust between the public, industry and our institutions
  • Provide new opportunities and enhance visibility for producers and food businesses


Connectivity Across Platforms

Recent climate and land use changes continue to significantly impact the environment. We need a historical understanding of plant science to collect data and evaluate how we can have resilient agricultural systems now and in the future. Connecting research in resilient agriculture to predictive analytics ensures we study and create new technologies that will improve plants for years to come. 

Chris Reberg-Horton

Resilient Agricultural Systems Platform Director

Reberg-Horton is known for his work using low-cost, cutting-edge technology and machine learning to enhance sustainable agricultural practices. As Platform Director, his goal is to provide logistical support to help his faculty colleagues make the connections they need to address big issues in agriculture.

Headshot of Chris
Chris Reberg-Horton, Resilient Agricultural Systems Platform Director, shares his vision for N.C. PSI.