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Grower Advisory Council

Incorporating applied expertise from interdisciplinary project conception through execution in the field.

To execute our mission and vision, it is integral that applied expertise is incorporated from interdisciplinary project conception through execution in the field. Members of the N.C. PSI Grower Advisory Council provide guidance on the relevance of scientific research to production systems in the field and serve as champions for the initiative in North Carolina and beyond. All Council members are growers who think innovatively, are committed to ensuring this initiative delivers relevant solutions to the agricultural community, and who represent the vast diversity of North Carolina agriculture.

The Grower Advisory Council shares their perspectives on the importance of incorporating grower input in agricultural research.

What the Grower Advisory Council does:

  • Advocate for the NC agricultural community by steering groundbreaking research focus toward addressing the most pressing needs for growers
  • Aid in establishing the foundational N.C. PSI culture of prioritizing the integration of applied expertise into interdisciplinary research projects from project conception through implementation
  • Represent the interests of growers and NC Ag stakeholders who depend on the N.C. PSI to deliver practical solutions that will enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of their operations 
  • Identify opportunities for researchers from diverse backgrounds to engage with growers and the agricultural community 
  • Provide guidance on bilateral communication strategies that can be implemented between growers and N.C. PSI researchers to drive relevant N.C. PSI projects and to ensure the results and recommendations are adequately shared with the agricultural community
  • Champion the N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative across North Carolina and beyond 
  • Attend regular meetings with the N.C. PSI leadership team

Grower Advisory Council Members

Reggie Baker

Reggie Baker

Baker Bros. Farms

Monroe, NC
Corn, wheat, soybeans, grain sorghum, hay, beef cattle

Meet Reggie Baker, member of the N.C. PSI Grower Advisory Council

Kenny Barnwell

Reggie Baker

Kenny Barnwell Orchards

Hendersonville, NC

Rusty Barr

Reggie Baker

Barr Evergreens

Ashe County, NC
Christmas trees, ornamentals, pumpkins

Isaac Boerema

Isaac Boerema

Boerema Farms

Pantego, NC
Corn, soybeans, wheat

Jose Calderon (Pepe)

Jose Calderon

Barnes Farming

Spring Hope, NC
Peanuts, potatoes (red and yellow), soybeans, sweetpotatoes, tobacco, watermelon, wheat

Sue Leggett

Sue Leggett

Leggett Farming Partnership

Nashville, NC
Cotton, peanuts, strawberries, soybeans, sweetpotatoes, tobacco

Meet Sue Leggett, member of the N.C. PSI Grower Advisory Council

Bert Lemkes

Bert Lemkes


Mills River, NC
TriEst Ag Group, Inc. (USA) + Hishtil (Israel) + SIS/Centro SEIA (Italy)

Meet Bert Lemkes, member of the N.C. PSI Grower Advisory Council

Danny Pierce

Danny Pierce

Pierce Soil and Crop Consulting  

Princeton, NC 
Brassicas, corn, cucurbits, soybeans, sweetpotatoes, tobacco, wheat

Bo Stone

Bo Stone

P&S Farms

Rowland, NC
Beef cattle, corn, produce, soybeans, swine, timber, wheat

Meet Bo Stone, member of the N.C. PSI Grower Advisory Council
The N.C. PSI Grower Advisory Council represents seven different counties from across North Carolina.