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Research and Employment Opportunities

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Student Research Opportunities

None at this time. Check back again soon!

Employment Opportunities

The N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative seeks outstanding candidates who share our vision to be the world’s premier plant sciences enterprise accelerating discovery, talent development and applied solutions that solve agricultural challenges through interdisciplinary, team-based science.

For a comprehensive search of all current NC State openings, visit the NC State’s jobs site.

Current Openings

Postdoctoral Research Scholar – EnBiSys Lab

The EnBiSys Lab is looking for a postdoctoral research scholar to work at the intersection of data management, semantic technologies, and machine learning to design data workflows using knowledge graphs that will enable the collection, integration, and analysis of heterogeneous data across scales.

As part of the STEPS Science and Technology Center, this postdoctoral researcher will work with the Convergence Informatics team to explore and implement advanced techniques for knowledge graph construction, maintenance, and querying. The postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for adapting, enriching, and integrating new and existing ontologies as well as the development of a graphical user interface that will serve as a data-retrieval vehicle, connecting STEPS researchers to the developed knowledge graph and data hub to streamline collaboration and interteam data integration. These transferable data management tools will be used to better assist researchers in incorporating their analysis results into existing components and link researchers with other dataset through machine-learning assisted analyses. Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Design and develop innovative knowledge graph models to represent and integrate heterogeneous data from diverse sources.
  • Explore and implement advanced techniques for knowledge graph construction, maintenance, and querying.
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to understand domain-specific requirements and ensure the applicability of knowledge graphs across various domains.
  • Investigate methods for automating the extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes to populate knowledge graphs with relevant data.
  • Develop graphical user interface that allows research to access, query, and download data connected to the knowledge graph
  • Stay abreast of the latest developments in semantic technologies, graph databases, and related areas, and apply this knowledge to enhance research outcomes.
  • Publish research findings in reputable conferences and journals.

Postdoctoral Research Scholar – Gage Lab

The Department of Crop and Soil Sciences encompasses diverse disciplines in research and teaching. The department’s mission is to develop future leaders in crop, soil, and environmental sciences, improve crop plants and products, devise effective and sustainable crop production systems, devise effective and sustainable soil management techniques in both agriculture and urban settings; and disseminate crop, soil, and environmental science knowledge for the benefit of users and producers of food, feed turf, biofuels and fiber in North Carolina, the nation and the world.

The Postdoctoral Reserach Scholar will conduct research into allelic gene regulation and its effects on plant performance, genotype-by-environment interactions, and/or environmental adaptation. To achieve this, the scholar is expected to generate and analyze datasets from high throughput phenotyping and/or genomic, transcriptomic, or translatomic sequencing data. Due to the nature of funding, the scholar will have considerable flexibility to define their research trajectory. The scholar will also have the opportunity to develop professionally through mentoring students, writing manuscripts or grant proposals, and communicating research findings.