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Researcher in lab.

Commercialization and Entrepreneurship

At the N.C. PSI, we know the discoveries made here can improve the state’s agricultural economy and create new opportunities for agtech partners. We strive to be a research powerhouse that drives economic prosperity.

We promote our research discoveries and intellectual property, establish mutually beneficial industry partnerships, and foster a culture of entrepreneurship that accelerates IP development and launches new startups.

Startups Get Their Start Here

Locus Biosciences, the world leader in CRISPR-engineered phage therapeutics, was built on CRISPR research conducted by two of its scientific founders, NC State’s Dr. Rodolphe Barrangou, and Dr. Chase Beisel.
NC State’s Office of Research Commercialization worked closely with the company during its early days to help identify funding opportunities and to exclusively license several patents related to the CRISPR-Cas3 technology for global use.

Rodolphe Barrangou CRISPR Lab.


In partnership with the NC State Office of Research Commercialization, we facilitate the commercialization of research discoveries.

Our Approach:

  • Actively scout for disruptive technologies and make connections early in faculty development of technology.
  • Work with N.C. PSI–developed innovations and IP to advance them along the commercialization pathway to maximize their value.
  • Optimize the entrepreneurial environment for plant-science business startups, including building closer ties with the agtech community.
  • Coordinate commercialization support programs.
  • Leverage existing faculty and student technology entrepreneurship training and develop additional incubator and accelerator programming as needed.
  • Raise innovation funds focused on the agtech sector to secure access to earlier-stage pre-seed and seed capital, advanced technologies and early-stage business enterprise and later equity capital and growth rounds.
  • Develop a network of industry mentors focused on plant sciences.

#2 in Research Commercialization

Association of University Technology Managers ranking of NC State among universities without a medical school.


N.C. PSI students, faculty and partners work together to bring great ideas to market. That takes more than just a Think and Do attitude. It takes a culture of innovation and NC State’s entrepreneurial infrastructure.

Our academic and training programs help form, support and incentivize the entrepreneurial efforts and outcomes of students and faculty. NC State’s cutting-edge tools, investor networks and institutional support, including a tech transfer office that’s among the best in the nation, empower interdisciplinary teams to take big ideas and run with them.

We help grow entrepreneurs with grit and determination to improve the world through plant science innovation.