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N.C. PSI Hackathon

Innovate. Build. Execute.

The N.C. PSI Hackathon is an annual event that gives undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars the chance to demonstrate their skills in a 3-day competition to solve ag tech related challenges for prizes and, of course, bragging rights.

With the goal to accelerate agricultural research using data analytics, machine learning, and hardware fabrication, our annual Hackathons have multiple tracks and are inclusive to participants with various levels of experience.

Impactful ideation. Authentic collaboration. Innovative solutions. That’s the N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative (PSI) Hackathon experience.


Hackathon participants enhance their technical skills through ideation, experimentation and innovation.


Hackathon participants are offered unique opportunities, include industry networking and pre-event workshops.


If bragging rights are not enough, Hackathon judges will award multiple prizes for each track at the end of the event.

2023 N.C. PSI Hackathon

The 2023 N.C. PSI Hackathon, co-hosted by the NC State Data Science Academy (DSA), offers 3 different tracks for participants with various levels of experience to collaboratively create a unique solution from scratch. Multiple prizes will be awarded for teams in each track. You must be an enrolled student or postdoctoral scholar to participate. Meals and snacks will be provided on both days.

Explore corn datasets in SAS Visual Analytics and apply machine learning to predict yield. This track is open to anyone and is designed to teach participants the basics of data analytics using a common platform. No previous knowledge required.

Tackle a real hardware engineering challenge by finding the most creative solution using 3D printing, beginner-level electronics and other maker tools. This track is open to anyone, but is best suited for engineering and design students.

Create machine learning models in Python (or programming language of choice) to identify weather and genotypic factors important for predicting and/or optimizing yield. This track is best suited to engineering and sciences students. (Dataset provided by Bayer.)

N.C. PSI Hackathon Sponsors

Sponsoring the N.C. PSI Hackathon is a unique networking and recruitment tool for industry companies and a great opportunity to promote your organization!

We are grateful for the generous support for the 2023 N.C. PSI Hackathon provided by our sponsors!

Interested in sponsoring the N.C. PSI Hackathon?

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