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Extension Outreach and Engagement Platform

Engaging with stakeholders to translate plant science into solutions for applied field issues.

Collaboration from Field to Lab

Alongside NC State Extension, the Extension Outreach and Engagement
platform is focused on connecting the science conducted in N.C. PSI to address on-farm challenges. The platform supports effective, bilateral communication between applied expertise in the field and research-based information generated by N.C. PSI. North Carolina’s vast Extension network is crucial to the success of N.C. PSI, both in identifying emerging issues and transferring groundbreaking research, tools and technology back into the hands of North Carolinians.

Labs Rats to Field Mice: N.C. PSI’s Inaugural Backroad Tour

22 N.C. PSI faculty were brought out to the fields of North Carolina to meet with growers from Vick Family Farms, processors from Nash Produce and commodity board leaders representing cotton, peanuts, soybeans and sweetpotatoes. The faculty represented nine departments across three colleges at NC State.

N.C. PSI Executive Director Adrian Percy ventures out into the fields of North Carolina to learn about pest monitoring and management with Anders Huseth. Huseth is an N.C. PSI-affiliated faculty member from the department of entomology and plant pathology in the College of Agriculture and Life Science at NC State. He also leads the Precision Pest Ecology Lab.

Rachel Vann

Extension Outreach and Engagement Platform Director

Vann is an assistant professor and soybean Extension specialist at NC State. As Platform Director, she will strengthen communication with internal and external stakeholders, creating open dialogue and feedback opportunities to bridge the gap between research and field applications.

Rachel Vann Headshot
Rachel Vann, Extension Outreach and Engagement Platform Director, shares her vision for N.C. PSI.

The mission of NC State Extension is getting a huge boost from N.C. PSI.