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Join us as we take a 360° view into emerging agriculture technologies by creating dialogue among academia, industry, entrepreneurs, growers, producers, Extension specialists, the sustainability community and other essential stakeholders.

Hosted by Adrian Percy, Executive Director, N.C. PSI



Apple Tech with Tom Kon

September 6, 2023
18 minutes

We kick off a new season with apple expert Dr. Tom Kon from NC State’s Department of Horticultural Science. During peak harvest season, Dr. Kon reflects on the different variables affecting production, and the new technologies being utilized in orchards to maximize yields. His unique connections with the orchards in the Southeast allow nearly half of his research to be done directly on working farms. 

Adrian Percy

About the Host

Adrian Percy, Executive Director N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative

With more than 30 years of experience in the agricultural sector, Adrian Percy is an advocate of the need for and benefits of modern agriculture. He is also a strong proponent of developing and adopting new agricultural and food technologies that support global food security while conserving the environment and supporting rural community development.