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Undergraduate Programs

Feed your mind for sustainable success.

Cultivate Your Education

Opportunity is in full bloom in our Horticultural Science undergraduate program. Consider your needs to then customize your selection. We offer an undergraduate certificate in horticultural science and an associate degree: both take two years to complete. The Bachelor of Science degree in horticulture is a four-year degree, and students can enhance an existing major by earning a horticultural science minor.

Engaged professors cultivate student comprehension through the integration of hands-on learning and research participation. Students flourish who participate in opportunities outside the classroom. Here are a few we offer: a student competition team; local and international travel; internships; and clubs and societies.

An abundance of choice and opportunity awaits you here. Join us.

Bachelor’s Degree

We offer a bachelor’s degree in four concentrations: Agroecology: Urban Horticulture; Plant Breeding and Biotechnology in Horticulture; Production Systems and Entrepreneurship in Horticulture; Landscape Design, Gardens & Urban Environments. Students can follow paths toward industry, entrepreneurship, research, and an advanced degree.

Minor in Horticultural Science

Students who desire a strong foundation in the principles of horticultural science can enhance their major with an academic minor. Select courses in a specialized area of horticulture such as fruits and vegetables, ornamentals, floriculture, or landscape horticulture, or pursue a more general approach.

Two-Year Associate Degree

The Agricultural Institute offers a two-year associate degree in Horticultural Science Management. This path is suitable for students interested in growing, installing, or maintaining ornamentals, landscape plants, and edibles. The program provides a foundation of science-based horticultural knowledge while emphasizing artistic and nutritional principles of plant use.

Students can concentrate their studies toward:

AGI requires students to obtain internships to reinforce classroom principles.

For more information about the associate degree in Horticultural Science Management, contact Jodi Songer.

Undergraduate Certificate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Horticultural Science is a non-degree program offered to students who desire a strong foundation in the principles of horticultural science with an emphasis on current technologies and environmentally responsible practices.

Certificate students are assigned an academic advisor from the Horticultural Science undergraduate faculty. The student and advisor design an individual course of study based on the student’s personal and professional goals.


  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • Complete 6 hours (2 courses) of foundational horticultural coursework and
  • Select 9 hours (3-4 courses) from a list of electives where the student may choose to specialize or maintain a general focus.

All the coursework will be available as distance education courses. With the completion of 15 credit hours and a grade of C (2.0) or better in each course, the student will be awarded a certificate acknowledging their accomplishment.