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From gardening to composting to pest management, Extension helps a community grow.

Extending Our Knowledge

People passionate about plants are often passionate about education. Our Extension staff serves the community by delivering research-based knowledge in a variety of formats, which has a wide-ranging impact on individuals, families and industries alike.  

We offer workshops, handbooks, newsletters, podcasts and other resources to share our unbiased research on a variety of topics, including gardening, composting, ornamentals, fruits, vegetables, specialty crops, organic production, pest management and more. Even better? N.C. Cooperative Extension has offices in every county in North Carolina, ready to serve.

Extension agents are leaders who help the agriculture industry prosper and improve quality of life. Take a look at the viable information we deliver. You’re bound to make a discovery.

347 Extension events hosted in 2023

Horticulture Portals

Rich Bonanno speaking to a person at an outdoor event
Rich Bonanno speaking to a person at an outdoor event.

We offer a wealth of information to serve the community. Explore our offerings to secure the knowledge you seek.

Learn to Grow

Discover Plants

Identify with the Plant Toolbox

The Extension Gardner Plants Toolbox is excellent for discovering and identifying plants for a new home or landscape addition. Find low maintenance native plants, herbs, and edibles for the garden, wild or poisonous plants around the yard, and more. What will you plant next?

native plant

Horticulture Search Engines

Browse our powerful search engines for information compiled from scientific literature, trade and association magazines and websites, and NC State University. Our archives date back to the 1800s.

Youth Programs

Food Corps

Grow for It

From growing tender turnips to identifying squash from seeds to measuring trees using a Biltmore stick. Find out about the opportunities that await! Learn about our programs for youth and curriculum for teachers.

National Junior Horticultural Association

Founded in 1934, the National Junior Horticulture Association is the first organization in the world dedicated solely to youth and horticulture. NJHA programs are designed to help young people obtain a basic understanding of and develop skills in the ever-expanding art and science of horticulture.

Horticulture Extension News