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Cotton field with the sun shining

Improving Cotton Genetics

Cotton is one of North Carolina's most important crops. Vasu Kuraparthy is leading the charge to develop lasting solutions to improve its productivity and resiliency.


Our agricultural research has a massive economic impact on rural North Carolina.


ROI: NC State Extension’s work helps fuel the N.C. economy by delivering solutions directly into the hands of the state’s citizens.


Nearly all CALS students with high-need degrees graduate with jobs that have salaries well above the state’s median income.

CALS in the News

Many female cockroaches have lost their love of sugar, which changes how they make the next generation of insects. NC State researchers discuss the mechanism behind this newly discovered behavior in the New York Times.

Female cockroach feeding on gift from male cockroach

The Next Frontier is Here

At CALS, there is no final frontier in agriculture, just the next one. The future of agriculture is here and in progress. We harness big data to tackle big challenges like a growing population, increasing urbanization and climate change. We go beyond the field and lab to test new plant varietals in space. We create global collaboration in our research efforts. And that’s not the half of it. Get a glimpse of what we’re up to.