4H student with her turkeys at the North Carolina State Fair in the Fall.

Problem-solving is in our DNA. It's what happens when we Think and Do.

Dean in Talley Student Center

Richard Linton


CALS Applied Ecology Professor Rob Dunn and his new book, Never Home Alone

Free Science Party At Hunt Library – And You're Invited

With science-inspired food, live music and insight from top researchers, celebrate Professor Rob Dunn's new book – and the amazing research of more than 40 scientists into your closest (tiny) neighbors.

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Leading the Way


Our agricultural research has a massive economic impact on rural North Carolina.

5-to-1 ROI

NC State Extension's work helps fuel the N.C. economy by delivering solutions directly into the hands of the state's citizens.


Nearly all CALS students with high-need degrees graduate with jobs that have salaries well above the state’s median income.