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Queen bee surrounded by her other bees in her colony.

Vaccination for Bees Doesn’t Sting

The first product approved to immunize insects could help beekeepers, and it won't hurt bees a bit. Really.

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Our agricultural research has a massive economic impact on rural North Carolina.


ROI: NC State Extension’s work helps fuel the N.C. economy by delivering solutions directly into the hands of the state’s citizens.


Nearly all CALS students with high-need degrees graduate with jobs that have salaries well above the state’s median income.

CALS in the News

Recent research shows the germiest spot in your kitchen could be your spice jars. Ben Chapman, department head of Agricultural and Human Sciences, gives food safety advice on this “stealthy potential germ magnet.”

several spice jars lined up on a table

Our Rich Heritage

This issue looks at forgotten crops that are now in a renaissance and creating income for farmers, the continued tradition of transformative innovation that betters our lives and supports natural resources, and our rich legacy of research, teaching and Extension.