David Tarpy with honey bees

Problem-solving is in our DNA. It's what happens when we Think and Do.

Dean in Talley Student Center

Richard Linton


A large group of young people wearing green shirts and holding a large poster participating in the 2016 North Carolina State 4-H Congress

To Educate and Celebrate

Hundreds of young people from every North Carolina county will converge in Raleigh for the annual 4-H Congress, an event as much about learning as it is about celebrating all that it means to be a 4-H'er.

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Leading the Way


NC State ag research has a massive economic impact on rural North Carolina.


The Covington sweet potato, developed at NC State, makes up 20% of the U.S. sweet potato market.


CALS research has generated more than $25 million in licensing revenue since 2011.