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Christmas trees growing in North Carolina.

Meeting High Demand

North Carolina’s Christmas tree growers are busy harvesting to prepare to supply roughly 5 million trees by Thanksgiving ­– hustling to meet a demand that experts think will be high this year.


Our agricultural research has a massive economic impact on rural North Carolina.


ROI: NC State Extension’s work helps fuel the N.C. economy by delivering solutions directly into the hands of the state’s citizens.


Nearly all CALS students with high-need degrees graduate with jobs that have salaries well above the state’s median income.

CALS in the News

Believe it or not, the giant sandworms in Warner Bros.’ Dune have a lot in common with real worms, but what scientific reality is the sandworm rooted in? finds out from Rhonda Sherman, NC State’s resident worm expert. Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

On June 8, the Farm Credit Associations of North Carolina presented a $30,000 check to North Carolina State University’s Soldier to Agriculture Program.

A Global Perspective

To meet global challenges in agriculture and life sciences, we need to develop and draw on the world’s brightest minds. That’s why CALS forms international partnerships with scientists, companies and countries around the world, to work together and feed a growing population.