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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarships (Undergraduate) and Fellowships (Graduate) are available to Horticultural Science students. The Department of Horticultural Science encourages students to apply for CALS scholarships as well as University scholarships. Horticulture scholarships are considered independent and supplemental to college, university, state and national funding. To apply for department scholarships, submit an application to PACK ASSIST.

  • Bartlett Tree Foundation, Inc. Grant-in-Aid Scholarship
  • Bobby G. Wilder and Jack R. Lamm Horticultural Scholarship
  • Charlie Z. (Zeb) and Doris Morgan Sandling Horticultural Scholarship
  • Elena Milaneschi Matthews Horticulture Scholarship Endowment
  • Franklin E. Correll Memorial Scholarship
  • Fred D. Cochran Horticultural Scholarship
  • Georgina Malloy Werner and Dennis James Werner Horticultural Science Undergraduate Education Scholarship
  • Granville Gardeners Scholarship
  • Henry Steinmetz Endowed Horticultural Scholarship Fund
  • Horticulture Club/J.C. Raulston Scholarship
  • John H. Harris Horticultural Scholarship
  • Johnson Nursery Scholarship
  • Kim Powell Horticultural Science and Landscape Architecture Scholarship
  • L. Dow Pender, Jr. Scholarship
  • Margaret Pittman Horticultural Science Scholarship
  • Margie Collins Student Leaders Scholarship
  • North Carolina Horticulture Council, Inc. Scholarship
  • North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission, Inc. Scholarship
  • Pi Alpha Xi Scholarship
  • Raleigh Garden Club Scholarship
  • Roy A. Larson Floricultural Scholarship
  • Steve Coble Memorial Scholarship
  • Walter E. Ballinger Scholarship
  • William F. Massey Scholarship
  • Durwood Baggett Farm Bureau Agricultural Scholarship
  • Rose and Ed Phillips Horticulture Scholarship

State and National Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships

As a graduate student in the Department of Horticultural Science, you are automatically considered a candidate for the following scholarships.

  • Douglas C. and Ellen J. Sanders Horticultural Research Endowment
  • Frank A. and Joan April Blazich Graduate Scholarship Award
  • Tammy L. Ellington Horticultural Plant Breeding Graduate Award Endowment
  • The Randolph G. Gardner Graduate Fund for Excellence
  • Thomas J. and Virginia S. Monaco Horticultural Science Graduate Fellowship Endowment for Diversity

Graduate Assistantships

Half-time research assistantships: M.S. and Ph.D. candidates in horticultural science can obtain support through the Department of Horticultural Science; assistantships are open each semester for qualified applicants.

CALS student Nashea Williams