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Ph.D. in Nutrition Science

Developing Creativity in Nutrition Research

NC State’s interdepartmental graduate nutrition program is comprised of faculty and staff from various departments, including: 

You may complete thesis work with faculty in any of these departments.

Student Spotlight

Matthew Warren found research success in his dissertation studies by examining the vitamin D metabolism in the chicken model to potentially translate those findings to medicine for humans. But he claims his “most significant” experience at NC State was discovering the importance of peer mentoring.

Matthew Warren

Degree Requirements

Our research-intensive Ph.D. program culminates in a dissertation. Written and oral preliminary examinations occur between the end of the second year of graduate study and one semester before the final oral examination. The advisory committee administers exams for admission to candidacy.

Typical requirements include:

  • A minimum of 72 credit hours of courses and research, including credits transferred from a masters degree
  • At least 20 credits in specified nutrition and biochemistry courses
  • Advanced coursework in related departments

Students are expected to have a strong background in math and chemistry. Additional graduate courses in biochemistry, chemistry, genetics, microbiology, and physiology are available to enhance the primary science support areas. We also encourage students to pursue a minor in another program or department. The student and their faculty advisory committee will agree on the final course selection for a plan of work.

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