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Suzie Goodell

Associate Professor, Director of Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Nutrition


Schaub Food Science Building, Room 218E


Area(s) of Expertise

I have a passion for community and public health nutrition. My research focuses on childhood obesity prevention and intervention and the relationships between preschool-aged children and the adults in their lives. I observe the interactions that occur between parents, caregivers, and young children during mealtime and study the impact these interactions might have on a child €™s food consumption and learned eating behaviors. In addition, I develop and implement theory-based obesity prevention interventions for low-income, minority populations based on sound observational investigations and qualitative research.

I specialize in qualitative methodologies, particularly in-depth individual interviews and focus groups. I apply these methodologies when conducting needs assessments, as well as program evaluations. I enjoy acting as a consultant for other investigators from around the country, training them in techniques needed to create rigorous and trustworthy qualitative research.

Teaching Activities

My vision for educational change includes offering students challenging coursework in non-traditional settings, in addition to providing them opportunities for engaging in quality research and service. With this vision in mind, I encourage my students to pursue excellence inside and outside of the classroom, while providing them with support to reach their goals.

In addition to incorporating research and professional development into my courses, I have developed Nutrition NUTS, a student outreach program that serves children from low-income families and their parents. Through Nutrition NUTS, students visit Head Start preschools to read nutrition and health-related books to three- to five-year-old children, teach their parents about health and wellness topics, or provide nutrition education training to their preschool teachers. Each semester, approximately 30 students from all over campus dedicate time each week to serve their community through Nutrition NUTS. In return, they gain respect for cultural diversity, community programming, and many public health issues facing our society.

Courses Taught

  • NTR 220: Food and Culture (Summer)
  • NTR 490: Senior Capstone in Nutrition (Fall and Spring)
  • NTR 601/801: Nutrition Seminar (Fall and Spring)


  • Gertrude Cox Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Technology Award, member of the FBNS/DELTA collaborative with Dr. Natalie Cooke, Mr. Michael Cuales, Ms. Cathi Phillips, and Dr. Jessica White, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences nominee, North Carolina State University, 2020-2021
  • Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor Award, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences nominee, North Carolina State University, 2017-2018
  • Food & Agricultural Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award-Southern Region Recipient, United States Department of Agriculture, 2017
  • Early Professional Award, Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior, 2014
  • Community-Engaged Faculty Fellow, North Carolina State University
  • Academy of Outstanding Teachers, North Carolina State University, member since 2013
  • Outstanding Teacher Award, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Representative, North Carolina State University, 2012-2013
  • Alumni Association Outstanding Teacher Award, North Carolina State University, 2012-2013
  • At Home in the World Faculty Fellow, Office of Institutional Equality and Diversity, North Carolina State University, 2013-2014
  • Opal Mann Green Engagement and Scholarship Award, member of the Gardening and Nutrition PIECES collaborative, North Carolina State University, 2011

Professional Memberships

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, (2000-present), Registered # 950175
    • Public Health/ Community Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group
    • Research Dietetic Practice Group
  • American Society for Nutrition, (2005-present)
  • Public Health/ Community Nutrition Research Interest Section
    • Nutrition Education Research Interest Section
  • Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior, (2008-present)
  • Higher Education Special Interest Division
    • Nutrition Education for Children Special Interest Division
    • Public Health Nutrition Special Interest Division
  • North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture, (2009-present)- Lifetime Member
  • North Carolina Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, (2008-present)


Book Chapters:

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Refereed Journal Articles:

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Manuscripts Accepted for Publication:

  1. Stage VC, Goodell LS, Chase S, McDonald S, Hegde A, Bayles J, Jones L. Eating Smart and Moving More for Head Start: A Pilot Study. Journal of Extension. Accepted Oct 27, 2020.


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Ph.D., Nutritional Sciences, University of Connecticut (2007)
Dietetic Internship, Cornell University (2003)
M.S., Food and Nutrition, Texas Tech University (2002)
B.S., Biology, Hardin-Simmons University (1999)