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Many alumni have launched their careers in the food and pharmaceutical industries, clinical research laboratories, non-profit programs, healthcare fields, and regulatory agencies. Many work as food process innovators, product developers, regulatory agents, or laboratory researchers.

Food Science graduates are often employed by prominent companies such as Kraft, Unilever, and Frito-Lay. Others join regulatory agencies such as the FDA and USDA striving to strengthen food safety standards.

Bioprocessing Science graduates are desired by biotech companies at the forefront of new technologies, such as Biogen Idec, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and Novozymes. Careers in bioprocessing and biotechnology could lead to important solutions for global issues, such as climate change, food and energy security, and infectious diseases.

Graduates of Nutrition Sciences often earn positions in clinical trials research, the healthcare industry, or non-profit development. Many go on to pursue professional or graduate studies as registered dietitians and physician assistants.

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Current Openings

As we foster relationships with leaders in industry and our alumni, many reach out directly to recruit FBNS talent. The below openings are sent directly from our contacts and updated on a regular basis. Positions will be removed once the posting has closed or after two months of promotion, whichever occurs first.



Degree Qualifications

Date Posted

Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program Coordinator NC State University – Agricultural & Human Sciences MS 6/8/2021
Assistant Director, Recruiting & Selection NC State University – Park Scholars BS 6/7/2021
Program Assistant NC State University – Park Scholars MS 6/7/2021
Quality Intern Alamance Foods Current undergraduate student 6/3/2021
Senior Pilot Plant Technician (R&D) Herbalife BS 5/28/2021
Supply Chain Specialist The Ingredient House AS 5/28/2021
Food Scientist I Darifair BS 5/25/2021
Food Safety Coordinator & Co-Production Manager MyThreeSons Gourmet, LLC BS 5/13/2021
Internships Hershey Dependent upon specific internship 5/13/2021
Senior Research Engineer Process Technology Development Hershey BS and 7+ years experience or MS and 5+ years experience 5/13/2021
Senior Research Scientist Ingredient Tech Hershey BS and 5-8 years experience or MS and 2-4 years experience 5/13/2021
Graduate Assistantship in Wellness Duke Student Wellness Center Enrolled full-time in a graduate program 5/13/2021
Food Service Manager – Patient Services Duke University Hospital -Aramark RD 5/10/2021
Extension Associate FBNS MS 5/5/2021
QA Lab Technician Butterball High School Diploma/2 years of education in related degree 4/29/2021
Quality Control Technician I LC America BS 4/29/2021
Associate Food Scientist Farther Farms MS 4/28/2021
Senior Food Scientist Farther Farms MS 4/28/2021
Sr. Manager of Microbiology & Process Development Farther Farms MS 4/28/2021
Regulatory Contractor Foodwit BS or MS 4/23/2021
QA Intern Sheetz High school diploma/GED 4/23/2021
Assistant/Associate Professor & Extension Specialist University of Georgia PhD 4/23/2021
QA Project Specialist Vanguard Culinary Group, LTD BS 4/23/2021
R&D Food Scientist Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds BS or MS 4/16/2021
Protein Functionality Intern Superbrewed Foods Rising senior seeking BS or MS 4/16/2021
Product Development Intern Superbrewed Foods Rising junior or senior seeking BS 4/16/2021
Assistant Quality Assurance Manager Olam BS 4/16/2021
Postdoc USDA Agricultrual Research Service PhD 4/16/2021
Lecturer NC State University – Wolfpack Brewing Lab MS 4/13/2021
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