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Matthew Allan

USDA-ARS Research Food Technologist; Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Jeff Begley

Dairy Plant Operator Assistant

Greg Bolton

Laboratory Research Specialist

Juliebeth Briseno

Food Science Graduate Services Coordinator

Kellie Burris

Staff Fellow Microbiologist, FDA

Nicholas Fragedakis

Director, Entrepreneur Initiative for Food (ei4f)

Karl Hedrick

Research Operations Manager and Building Liaison

Carl Hollifield

Director, Dairy Enterprise System

Alex Ives

Dairy Education Coordinator

Beth King

Administrative Support Specialist

Clinton Page

USDA-ARS Biological Science Lab Technician

Sandra Parker

USDA-ARS Program Support Assistant

Chris Pernell

Entrepreneurial Program Assistant

Allison Sain

Entrepreneurial Program Assistant

Michele Smoot

Howling Cow Creamery Supervisor

Charles Stephens

Dairy Plant Vehicle/Equipment Operator

Pam Van Emden

Administrative Support Specialist for Nutrition

Ruth Watkins

Laboratory Research Specialist and Co-Instructor

Jessica White

Lead Instructional Designer

Jia Xiong

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Julie Yamamoto

Project Coordinator and Instructional Designer

Ann Zielinski

Entrepreneurial Program Assistant

Jennifer Knoll

Undergraduate Academic Advisor