We train the next generation of leaders in food, bioprocessing and nutrition sciences.

Improving Health Through Innovation

We are a department like no other. Offering the combined disciplines of food, nutrition and bioprocessing sciences, we develop our students’ skills to improve food quality, safety, and food-related policy, and cultivate their understanding of nutrition and nutrition-based behaviors.

While we are a large department, we have a family-like atmosphere with recognized faculty who nurture our students. Graduates enter both the private and public sectors, driven to solve local and global challenges related to food supply, food safety nutrition.

Our dynamic department also offers leadership opportunities, support and commercial product development to industry and entrepreneurs.

We are one of the top food science departments in the US.

Fostering Connections Through Partnerships

Our faculty maintain strong ties with the food industry, helping drive the process of bringing new products to the market.

We help our industry partners with troubleshooting, business start-up advising, training and continuing education. The industry helps us by providing expertise, mentoring, internship and job opportunities to our students.

It’s a win-win situation.