Graduate Programs

Cultivating Leaders

As a graduate student in FBNS, you have the opportunity to engage with award-winning faculty and focus on cutting-edge research technologies.

Choose from several paths in food science and nutrition science, including thesis and non-thesis masters degree programs and doctoral programs. We also offer one of the top online masters degree programs in nutrition science.


Contact our graduate administrative support, Juliebeth Briseno or our directors of graduate programs: Dr. Jon Allen (Food Science), or Dr. Suzie Goodell (Nutrition Science).

Food Science

Master of Food Science (Non-Thesis)

Our graduates meet the demand for professionals with food safety inspection training. They can also communicate core product and quality concepts concerning the safe development and use of ingredients in food products.

Potential career paths include food safety compliance, quality assurance and quality control, sales and technology, and product development and modification.

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M.S. in Food Science

Students gain a general knowledge of food science and related disciplines to conduct, analyze, and communicate research in academic or industry settings.

Students with science, agricultural, biochemistry, and engineering degrees can design an academically challenging and enriching program to prepare them for a rewarding career.

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Ph.D. in Food Science

This program is geared toward individuals with B.S. or graduate degrees in related sciences who want in-depth research experience in areas like food safety, functional foods, food processing, sensory science, and food fermentation.

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Nutrition Science

Master of Nutrition (Non-Thesis)

Students develop skills for jobs in public health, health and wellness, and food and pharmaceuticals. This path can help graduates become competitive candidates for jobs that complement prior health and nutrition experience or to continue their education for other degrees and certifications in allied health fields.

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M.S. in Nutrition

This option is for students seeking nutrition experience to obtain a technical research position or to work toward a Ph.D. Research activities are diverse, ranging from the molecular level to the whole animal.

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Ph.D. in Nutrition

An immersive program of study in nutrition, as well as the biological, physical, and social sciences.

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Our degree pathways do not lead directly to dietetic internships or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist certifications.