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Healthy, Happy Eating

Our research brings you the safe, nutritious, sustainable foods you need and enjoy.

Your Food Is Our Science

You may not think about how the food and beverages in your grocery cart got there. Fortunately, we do.

We evaluate and discover everything from breakfast meat to the next big thing in craft beer to ensure consumers have access to an abundant, safe, and delicious food supply.

We conduct research, work with manufacturers, and pass our knowledge along to the next generation of food industry leaders through a variety of centers, labs, and processing facilities in Raleigh and across the state.

Wolfing Down Food Science Podcast

Summer 2024

Even though school is out, our podcast “Wolfing Down Food Science,” is going strong all summer long! We hope you enjoy listening to the show about science you can eat, and don’t forget to leave us a review on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!

Wolfpack Brewing Lab

Our on-campus brewery operates as a research and teaching facility where we develop an educated workforce and advance the science of brewing in support of the local, state, and national brewing industries.
Brewing beer is an art and science, and we employ methods from chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and sensory analysis to produce high-quality products. We even offer a popular brewing science and technology minor.

Student stirring beer mixture