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Helping industry partners get great ideas to market and make an impact.

A Synergistic Relationship

To better serve our industry partners, we conduct short- and long-term research studies, provide a pipeline to bring products from ideas to market and offer education and training on regulatory issues concerning food, bioprocessing, and nutrition. See how we can assist you through our research and extension and outreach efforts. 

Connect with Students

Are you looking to recruit talent? Engage with us!

Industry partners enhance our department through:

  1. Guest lectures to share knowledge and build industry awareness
  2. Speaking with student clubs to showcase companies, network, and schedule interviews for open positions
  3. Facilitating senior design projects and working with students to solve real-world industry problems
  4. Cultivating internship and job opportunities

Contact Us to Get Involved

Industry Partner Advisory Council

A team of industry leaders who help us advance our programs to continue providing excellent service to stakeholders and be a leading department, nationally and internationally. In this mutually beneficial framework, IPAC members connect with students, obtain early access to cutting-edge research, and have opportunities for peer-to-peer networking.

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