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CALS Certificate Programs

Personalize your education.

CALS offers much more than traditional degrees.  Students can customize their learning experience through undergraduate and graduate certificate programs offering 15 to 18 credits of structured coursework in a specific area.

Many of these certificates are available to online and distance students who need an education with the flexibility to fit into their busy lives.

27 Online and Distance Education Programs

Diverse distance education programs that provide flexibility for student schedules and learning styles.

Undergraduate Certificates

Undergraduate certificates allow a variety of learners to develop a specialized skill set, train on a new subject, and/or enhance their academic experience. All programs require at least 12 credit hours and have been approved by the Chancellor.

Apply for each program through the Distance Education website.

Graduate Certificates

World-class graduate certificate programs taught by NC State faculty in varying formats to best suit your lifestyle and learning objectives.

Leadership Certificates

North Carolina is home to many innovative and effective agricultural and life science leaders. CALS grows leaders in every corner of the state, across all sectors of society, with the skills and passion to tackle grand challenges.