On-Campus Interviews

Interested in interviewing students at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences? At CALS, we offer full-service recruiting options for your organization.  We handle the advertising, screening, scheduling, and all administrative details of your interviews.

Benefits of on-campus interviewing

  • Meet them where they are: Between classes, clubs, and homework, it can be hard for a student to take out time for an interview off-campus. When your organization comes here, it makes it easier for students to attend and gives you more outstanding candidates.
  • Online management: With ePACK, our online employment database, you can view and manage your interview schedule at your convenience.
  • Brand recognition: On-campus interviewing is a great way to gain visibility among our students. With any good marketing strategy, you need to build brand awareness. Organizations that interview on-campus are recognized by students and are top choices when it comes time for those students to find employment.
  • Convenient and easy: Make it easy on yourself and let us do the work. The online sign-up process takes the guesswork out of scheduling interviews. Plus, the automated emails to students keep them informed without you having to send dozens of messages.

To get started, contact CALS Career Services.