Jacob is a computational scientist specialized in computing for curricular and research activities. In his day to day interactions, Jacob acts as an interface between the Information Technology department and the academic departments at the N.C. PSI. As a research computing specialist, he advises researchers on computing needs, design, set up and maintained computing and information systems for scientific discovery. With the ever changing technological landscape, Jacob keeps abreast of the latest developments and organizes workshops to update researchers on these new developments.

Jacob studied Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Computer programming. With the understanding of basic concepts, theories and principles, he then embarked on a journey of scientific discovery, where, he used commodity and high performance computers along with scientific applications to investigate atomic and electronic processes of molecules and materials.

In the course of his scientific inquisitions, Jacob worked collaboratively, with experimentalists and theoreticians across many areas of the physical sciences. During this process, he developed a passion for setting up computing infrastructures, interpreting computational output to provide experimentalists with insight into experimental observations, trouble-shoot computers attached to scientific instruments, became accustomed to interpreting scientific jargon across disciplines and most important, he developed a “can do” mindset that keeps him doing what he loves to do now.