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Fikret Isik

Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources

Professor and University Faculty Scholar

Co-Director of the NCSU Cooperative Tree Improvement Program

1019 Biltmore Hall


Fikret Isik’s research is focused on understanding the genetic basis of fusiform rust disease resistance in loblolly pine and uses molecular approaches, such as genomic selection to change forest tree breeding fundamentallyWith funding from NSF/USDA-NIFA Plant-Biotic Interactions Program (Award #: (2022-04779) he will study the population genetics of fusiform rust fungus and identify putative effector loci in the genome. It would significantly contribute to our knowledge about how qualitative gene-for-gene interactions can operate in genetically variable pine-rust pathosystems. He will generate the most contiguous reference pangenome of the pathogen, published using long-read PacBio sequencing of four haploid fungal isolates. It will provide a whole-genome, linear sequence space to perform sliding-window scans for selective sweeps.


Ph.D. Akdeniz University 1998

M.S. Istanbul University 1986

B.S. Istanbul University 1982


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