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Undergraduate Bioprocessing Science

Development and Production of Fermented Foods, Biofuels and Healthcare Products

Bioprocessing science encompasses the research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of products prepared from or used by biological systems. These include food, enzymes, cosmetics, and biopharmaceuticals and is synonymous to fermentation science.

Our program provides you with both the science and engineering concepts required for an understanding of fermentation processes.

Wolfpack Brewing Lab

Our brewery operates as a research and teaching facility. We aim to contribute to the science of brewing and support the industry.

Brewing lab at Schaub Hall on NC State Campus

Alumni Spotlight

Elice Kitchen-McKinley (class of ’20) traded in ballet shoes for a career in bioprocessing. Following her father’s struggles with a rare degenerative neurological disorder, Kitchen-McKinley changed careers to contribute to therapies that can change lives.

Two ballerinas posing
Elice Kitchen-McKinley retired from a 20-year ballet career to explore a new path in bioprocessing science.

Future Career Pathways

The ability to navigate and manipulate the manufacturing process of biofuels, pharmaceuticals, and other biologics makes our graduates valuable members of any product development, manufacturing, or quality team.

A B.S. in bioprocessing science can prepare you for a career as a:

  • Fermentation scientist
  • Process development associate
  • Quality control analyst
  • Laboratory analyst/manager/technologist
  • Process technician
  • Sales representative
  • Manufacturing technician
  • Quality assurance specialist
  • Validation associate

North Carolina is fast becoming a center for bio-based businesses, including pharmaceutical, agricultural, and chemical companies, such as Bayer Crop Science, Pfizer, Syngenta Biotechnology, and Novozymes. Our relationship with industry contacts helps place our graduates and generate a bioprocessing network.

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