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Undergraduate Food Science

The study of food composition and behavior to produce safe, wholesome products

Food science is a combination of chemistry, microbiology, and engineering. We prepare you for a career across the food industry and related sectors, such as food packaging, fermentation, and pharmaceuticals.

Science Emphasis

This concentration prepares students for graduate school or careers in industry and academia.

Technology Emphasis

Our technology concentration combines coursework in science and business, allowing you to develop administrative skills as you grow your food science knowledge.

Podcast: Wolfing Down Food Science

Ever wonder about how your food makes it from the farm to your table? Join Paige Luck and Dr. Keith Harris as they explore the world of food science (with an emphasis in chemistry, microbiology, and engineering) in weekly episodes.

podcast hosts celebrating

Future Career Pathways

Our graduates work at large and small companies, as well as government agencies at the state and federal levels. Our program prepares you for a variety of careers through both practical knowledge and the ability to network with peers and future employers.

A B.S. in Food Science can prepare you for a career as a:

  • Flavor chemist
  • Food packaging/processing expert
  • Food safety officer
  • Product development scientist
  • Food analyst
  • Food product developer
  • Government regulation specialist
  • Quality assurance specialist
  • Food microbiologist
  • Food regulation/compliance officer
  • Pharmaceutical/fermentation associate
  • Sensory scientist

Spend a Day at State – Virtual Visits

Want to know more about NC State and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences before you apply? Tour the campus, meet with a potential academic advisor, and speak with students currently enrolled in programs of interest.

Learn more about the student experience on our virtual tour.

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The red belltower looms over campus. Photo by Marc Hall

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