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Innovation Expo

The N.C. PSI Innovation Expo will feature innovative technologies from over 15 faculty teams, with applications from animal health to vaccine platforms to plant engineering to food safety and beyond, we’re excited to bring a wide range of commercialization opportunities to you.

Ag Data Optimization Workshop

An interactive hands-on workshop to learn how optimization can be used to analyze agricultural data.

STEPS and N.C. PSI Convergence Hour

This is an event to foster introduction, discussion, and collaboration between STEPS and their colleagues. We want individuals who may be working in the same space to take time to get to know their neighbors.

Elo Life Systems Visit

Are you Interested in industry? Making food products that improve the health of the people and the planet? integrating technologies and enabling efficient food production systems? Diversity, equity and Inclusion in interdisciplinary plant science? Join us as we visit Elo Life Systems in RTP. This event is open to N.C. PSI students and postdocs.

N.C. PSI Holiday Party and Tree Decorating

Join us at in the Plant Sciences Building for a Holiday party. We will be making ornaments that represent the diversity in the N.C. PSI community to decorate our holiday tree! There will be plenty of food, but also feel free to bring your own treats.

Event Series DEPP Seminar Series

DEPP Seminar Series

The DEPP Plant Pathology weekly seminar series will be held in the Plant Sciences Building every Monday at 4 pm. This seminar series focuses on research in plant pathology and will feature work from NCSU students, staff, postdocs and faculty, with occasional external presenters. These are informal seminars, open to all.

Plant Sciences Building CLOSED

The NC State Plant Sciences Building is closed during the university holiday break.