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Paige Luck


Schaub Food Science Building, Room 129D


Description of Work

For the first portion of my career, my focus was focused on controlling the aggregation of dairy proteins and understanding their resultant textures. With a shift of focus to teaching undergraduate classes, my interests have moved to increase the understanding of what food science is for both high school and undergraduate students.

Research Interests

Increasing awareness of food science as a field of study and career for secondary education professionals and students

Teaching Activities

  • Food Science and the Consumer: FS 201
  • The Science of Food Preparation: FS 330
  • The Chemistry of Food and Bioprocessed Materials: FS 402 laboratory
  • Hands-on Introductory Experiences for Food Science Majors: FS 201 laboratory (upcoming)


  • USDA Grant received:  Generating more food scientists from diverse communities and rural backgrounds through food science literacy development of secondary educators (2021)
  • Wolfpack Pride Award (2014)
  • Award of Excellence from NCSU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (2011)

Professional Memberships

  • Institute of Food Technologist
  • Institute of Food Technologist Dogwood Section
  • Phi Tau Sigma Food Science and Technology Honor Society


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Book Chapters

  1. Foegeding, E. Allen, Luck, P., Davis, Jack P.  Aerated Products: Protein foams, angel food cakes and whipped cream. In Functionality of Structures in Soft Food Materials.  Ed. Marcel Paques and George van Aken. Marcel Dekker. 2014.
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  • Erin M. Franks, Trey W. Moberly, Melissa Jeltema, Paige J. Luck, Jacqueline Beckley, E. Allen Foegeding, Christopher J. Vinyard. 2021. The Impact of Food Texture Preference and Mouth Behavior Group on Oral Processing.  Presented at the Food Oral Processing Conference
  • C.W. Pernell, P.J. Luck, E. Allen Foegeding and C.R. Daubert. 2002. Comparison of Bulk Physical Properties of Angel Food Cakes Containing Egg White Protein or Whey Protein Isolate.  Presented at Annual American Dairy Science Association meeting in Quebec, Canada.


M.S. Food Science North Carolina State University 2000

B.S. Food Science North Carolina State University 1997

Area(s) of Expertise

Food chemistry, dairy protein aggregation, oral processing, sensory and instrumental texture analysis.