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N.C. PSI is hosting its second annual Hack-a-Thon to accelerate agricultural sustainability using machine learning, 3D printing and more.

PSI Community Forum

N.C. PSI community members are encouraged to participate in our quarterly forum to learn about each others' work and get updates from the leadership team.

N.C. PSI Community Forum

Join us for the N.C. PSI Community Forum, during which you will hear from some of your PSB “neighbors” to learn more about the projects and capabilities in the building. There will also be a Q&A session with Leadership and Platform Directors. We also have group activities planned and snacks. This forum is not just an…

PSI Halloween Hangout

Join us at the PSB for a Halloween party. There will be plenty of food, but also feel free to bring your own treats. John Dole will judge the Halloween costume contest and declare the winner. 

Event Series DEPP Seminar Series

DEPP Seminar Series

The DEPP Plant Pathology weekly seminar series will be held in the Plant Sciences Building every Monday at 4 pm. This seminar series focuses on research in plant pathology and will feature work from NCSU students, staff, postdocs and faculty, with occasional external presenters. These are informal seminars, open to all.

Innovation Expo

The N.C. PSI Innovation Expo will feature innovative technologies from over 15 faculty teams, with applications from animal health to vaccine platforms to plant engineering to food safety and beyond, we’re excited to bring a wide range of commercialization opportunities to you.