South Africa: Wildlife Management and Conservation


The Wildlife Management and Conservation program in South Africa will give students a hands-on opportunity to work with endangered wildlife like Rhinos, Sables, African elephants and lions as well as other species. Students will learn about dart assembly, tranquilization, radio telemetry and other wildlife techniques utilized in species conservation. Poaching is rampant in South Africa and the challenge it poses is very daunting. It is typical to find a dehorned rhino which poachers would have left to die from excessive bleeding. By assisting with treatment and rehabilitation efforts students will learn about the powerful role that wildlife veterinarians play in helping with wildlife management.

This course offers hands-on experience with African wildlife while in their natural habitat. The veterinary experience gained during this course is truly global in nature as students work with a South African veterinarian and learn about challenges in wildlife management.


Program Dates: May 10-24, 2023


  • Scholarships Application Deadline: Apply by November 15, 2022
  • Application Deadline: Rolling admissions through February 7, 2023

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