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David P. Green

Professor Emeritus and Seafood Extension Specialist

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Research Interests

Research has led to a number of innovative processes and product development accomplishments. For example, our group developed a molecular method for quantification of histamine-producing bacteria in mixed culture as an early detection technique for reducing the risk of histamine fish poisoning. Dr. Kristin Bjornsdottir-Butler conducted this work while at NC State and has further advanced this research to include qPCR techniques as a post-doctoral fellow in the FDA Gulf Coast Seafood Laboratory. More recently, our group validated a heat shock process in shell oysters to eliminate risks associated with raw consumption of Gulf state oysters. Industry-related work resulted in the development of a cold-binding technique for restructuring scallop meats, Scallop Medallions™, which led to the expansion of the U.S. scallop industry.

Service Activities

  • Served on the National Seafood HACCP Alliance for Education and Training Committee, NC Marine Bio-Technologies Center of Innovation (MBCOI), and NC Food Safety and Defense Task Force.
  • Co-founder of the Trans-Atlantic Fisheries Technology Conference (TAFT), a three-year rotational meeting of the Atlantic Fisheries Technology Conference, Seafood Science and Technology Society of the Americas, and West European Fish Technologists Association.
  • Served as co-editor-in-chief for the Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology™, Taylor and Francis Group; established the journal’s 1st Impact Factor and increased the number of issues published from four to ten annually.


  • Outstanding Section Volunteer Award, Institute of Food Technologists, 2018.
  • Leadership and Service Recognition Award, NC Federation of Cooperative Extension Associations, 2016.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Atlantic Fisheries Technology Conference and the Seafood Science and Technology Society of the Americas, 2016.
  • Carl R. Feller Award, Institute of Food Technologists and Phi Tau Sigma, 2015.
  • Aquatic Food Products Division Service Award, Institute of Food Technologists, 2012.
  • Visionary Leadership Award, Epsilon Sigma Phi Xi Chapter, 2011.
  • Fellow, Institute of Food Technologists, 2010.
  • Earl P. McFee Award, Atlantic Fisheries Technology Conference, 2001.
  • Extension Education Award, NC Association of Cooperative Extension Specialists, 2001
  • Fellow, Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension and Engagement, 2000.
  • Outstanding Extension Service Award, North Carolina State University, 1992.

Extension Activities

  • Provided leadership to brand the Entrepreneur Initiative for Food (ei4f) Program.
  • Awarded FDA cooperative grant to help establish an integrated food safety system.
  • Served on the planning board to create the Eastern NC Food Commercialization Center.
  • Provided leadership to help establish the Marine Science and Education Partnership (MSEP), a ten-member institutional partnership shown in 2004 to be directly responsible for over 3,000 jobs and $127 million dollars to the coastal economy.
  • Education programs focused on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), traceability, sensory evaluation of fish using Quality Index Method (QIM), and CARVER-Shock vulnerability assessments.

Professional Memberships

  • Epsilon Sigma Phi National Honorary Extension Fraternity, 1991-2016.
  • Institute of Food Technologists. 1984-2018. Aquatic Food Products Div. Member, 1989-2018. Councilor, 2005-2006. Executive Committee, 1992-1994. Chair-elect, 1996-1997 & 2008-2009, Chair, 1997-1998 & 2009-2010, Past-chair, 1998-1999. Extension Div. Member, 1995-2016. Executive Committee, 1999-2001. Membership Committee Chair, 2001. Dogwood Section. Member, 1985-2018. President, 2017-2018, President-elect, 2016-17, Executive Committee, 1990-1994, 1996-1998, 2016-1918, Councilor, 1998-2001.
  • National Seafood HACCP Alliance for Education and Training Committee. Supervisory HACCP instructor, 1997-2018; steering committee member, 2001-2014; editorial committee member, 2008-2014; train-the-trainers committee member, 2009-2014.
  • North Carolina Association of Cooperative Extension Specialists, Life Time Member. President-elect, 2013-2014; President, 2014-2015, Past-President 2015-2016.
  • Phi Tau Sigma Honorary Society. Member, 1996-2015. Life Time Member, 2016.
  • Sigma Xi. Associate Member, 1980-1993. Full Member, 1994-2014.


Ph.D. Food Science North Carolina State University 1989

M.S. Biology East Carolina University 1980

B.S. Biology Davidson College 1976

Area(s) of Expertise

As extension leader in the department, my responsibilities cut across all fields of food science at one of the nation’s leading food science universities. I provided professional leadership as director for the Center for Marine Sciences and Technology (1999-2006) and principal investigator for the NC Sea Grant Seafood Science and Technology Program (1995-2010) with day-to-day management responsibility for the NC State University Seafood Laboratory (1986-2016). My areas of expertise included seafood safety and processing technology with emphasis on marine fish and shellfish and aquaculture finfish.