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CALS Communications Portfolio

Putting our best paws forward.


When words alone can’t fully communicate your work, let infographics and motion graphics do the talking for you. Simplified, eye-catching graphics can effectively reach a variety of audiences and can be used in publications, media, and online.

GRIP4PSI grant project, Sweet-APPS, infographic. Silver Award, Graphic Design (Association of Communications Excellence Awards)
Marketing advertisement in the NC State Alumni Magazine for growing the NCSBA Faculty Award in Apiculture into a distinguished professorship.
CALS by the Numbers 2022 impact infographic.
CALS Advancement sticker.


Videos can range from short clips for social media to several minutes for Youtube and your website. For programs with particularly visually-compelling subjects, videos are very powerful communications tools for educating your audience. Videos are also great for highlighting the people, projects, or processes that are pertinent to your program.

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Website Design

Using the NC State-approved WordPress design theme, we can create a website for your project, program, research lab, or campaign. We can also convert old sites (ie. Google Sites) into NC State-branded websites that look more professional and are easier to maintain.

Full website:
Full website:


Every project and program can benefit from professional photography. Strong photography adds credibility and professionalism to your website, which goes a long way in attracting top talent and big names in philanthropy, media, and grant funding. Photoshoots include, but are not limited to, headshots, team photos, field work, lab work, locations and facilities, and events.

student measuring a fish near the water
faculty inspecting slide in a dark lab
faculty looking through a microscope
faculty and student in a vertical farm looking at plants
student taking measurements of a chick
faculty posing in a greenhouse with sweetpotatoes

CALS Comm works with freelance photographers and University Communications’ photographers, Marc Hall and Becky Kirkland, for all photography requests.

eg. brochures, one-pagers, digests, reports, advertisements, and event materials.

Our professional designers will create your materials through a collaborative review process. For printed materials, we will work directly with the printer to print and deliver your final materials.

View the full 2022 CALS Impact Report here.
View the full VetPAC Impact brochure here.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Majors booklet.
One-pager for the North Carolina Agricultural Research Service (NCARS).
Map of the NC State Plant Sciences Building, printed inside spread.
trifold brochure
Tri-fold brochure for the Agricultural Institute.
Cover of the 2023 CALS Alumni Awards program
Cover of the 2023 CALS Alumni Awards program.

Podcast Production

Our team produces and edits several CALS podcasts, including our very own Farms, Food and Food as well as the N.C. PSI’s AgTech360 podcast. Our team can write scripts, record interviews, edit, and sound-mix episodes so you can reach your audiences on this popular medium.

Farms, Food and You

Issues in agriculture affect not just farmers. They influence our lives every day. Farms, Food and You is a monthly podcast series that explores these issues with NC State University experts and others with ties to agriculture and food-related industries in North Carolina and beyond.

Child's outstretched hand with blueberries
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

AgTech 360

Join us as we take a 360° view into emerging agriculture technologies by creating dialogue among academia, industry, entrepreneurs, growers, producers, Extension specialists, the sustainability community and other essential stakeholders.

agtech 360 podcast logo
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Large Printed Displays

Large format displays include, but are not limited to, posters, banners, yard signs and other signage. Whether on the NC State campus or out at a field day or other event, large, eye-catching printed displays can draw people to your table/booth at an event, educate people about your lab or program, encourage people to attend an event, or compel people to learn more online.

Poster display for Patterson Hall.
New Howling Cow ice cream flavor reveal poster.
Extension 2030 Strategic Priorities pop-up banner.
Nickles for know how poster
Ag and Sciences Career Expo yard sign.
yard sign mockup
Ag and Sciences Career Expo yard sign.

Promotional Items (aka “Swag”)

Our designers can help you create swag for recruitment, events, clubs and more. Everything from pens and lanyards to t-shirts and stickers can be transformed into an impactful and fun piece of swag.

North Carolina Poultry Products Association t-shirt.