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Agriculture Data Science Certificate

Graduate Certificate - Available Spring 2020

Scientists placing a sensor into a plant pot

Big data has become a big part of agriculture, food, and life science. From plant breeders collecting phenotypic information to drones imaging fields to companies accumulating sales information, professionals in industry, government, and academia need post-baccalaureate training on how to properly collect, manage and analyze the data and then make appropriate decisions using the data.

In cooperation with the colleges of Engineering and Science, the Graduate Certificate in Agriculture Data Science will combine SAS data management and analysis techniques with computer science and statistical training to allow students to apply the processes of data mining and artificial intelligence to critical agriculture, food, and life science issues.

This certificate is intended for students who have completed a BS degree in agriculture, food or life science and need additional training to be able to manage and use data in their fields.  This certificate is also intended for students who have completed a BS degree in computer science, mathematics or statistics and need additional training in how to apply data science techniques to agriculture, food, and life science data issues.  Students currently enrolled in a graduate program will also be eligible to complete the certificate.

For more information, contact Dr. Dani Jones