Faculty and Staff Support Opportunities

To help build an inclusive, diverse environment, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers two programs targeted to faculty and staff members. Food for Thought is a series of monthly conversations designed to enhance diversity awareness and to build cultural competencies for faculty and staff members. In addition, there is a professional development and networking workshops specifically designed for female faculty members.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought supports the CALS strategic plan goal of creating an inclusive and diverse climate. The monthly lunch-and-learn sessions provide a safe space for the CALS community to come together to explore diversity and gain useful skills for the workplace and classroom. The interactive conversations highlight different areas of diversity and enhance cultural awareness among faculty and staff members. Lunch is provided free of charge to all registered participants.

There is also an opportunity for participants to be recognized as “diversity champions.” To be eligible, a participant must 1) attend over 50 percent of the sessions during an academic year and 2) make a presentation to the CALS Diversity Council of the tangible ways he or she has used the sessions to make environments more inclusive.

Female Faculty Professional Development Workshops

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is committed to the success of all faculty members and recognizes that challenges that female faculty encounter in male-dominated science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields have a significant impact on attrition of pre-tenure female faculty. Over the past decade, CALS has offered workshops to address these challenges. The workshops provide participating faculty members with professional career support, the opportunity to build helpful networks for collaboration and a conduit to stay connected with the professional community.