Nov 19, 2020

Otro mundo es Posible: Dr. María-Elena Cazar Ramírez

Dr. María-Elena Cazar Ramírez presented her experience in international research as part of the CALS SAIGE International Seminar Series. This presentation was hosted over Zoom and Facebook live, which opened the seminar up to attendees from all over the world. This was doubly appropriate for Dr. Cazar Ramírez’s presentation, “Building bridges with International Collaboration: a Journey from Ecuador to the world”.

Nov 19, 2020

$8.1M+ in Private Gifts Invigorate Greenhouse Gas Research in Agriculture

NC State is well-suited to lead these greenhouse gas mitigation studies. North Carolina’s variety of soils, climates and agricultural systems are representative of those in the tropical and subtropical world. Pioneering work at NC State was key in developing early soil management in Brazil, Peru and elsewhere.

Nov 16, 2020

CALS Faculty Selected as Borlaug Fellowship Mentors

In 2021, four Borlaug Fellowship scientists will be traveling from Turkey, Kazakhstan and Sri Lanka to spend three months at NC State conducting research with selected CALS faculty as part of the USDA-FAS Borlaug Fellowship Program. The Borlaug Fellowship Program’s aims are to connect established researchers from developing countries with international collaborative opportunities to promote economic growth and food security.

Oct 27, 2020

USDA to Fund NC State-Led Group on COVID-19 Food Safety

The two-year grant will support FoodCoVNET, a network of researchers at NC State, Rutgers, the University of Florida and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Scientists will focus on understanding the risks and best practices to address virus transmission between people in food settings like restaurants, produce packing facilities and food manufacturing settings.

Sep 18, 2020

Student Spotlight: Andrew Howell

The most impactful experience for me so far was conducting research in New Zealand. At the beginning of my Ph.D. program three years ago, I was offered an opportunity to collaborate with the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA). I spent 6 months conducting research on a novel aquatic herbicide which was in the labeling process here in the US at the time.

Sep 8, 2020

Science Confirms Coronavirus not Transmitted by Food

While Chinese authorities are requiring additional tests on frozen meat and poultry for traces of the virus that causes COVID-19, this scientific review by NC State CALS researchers and the American Frozen Food Institute finds that SARS-CoV-2 cannot be spread by foodborne routes.

Sep 3, 2020

Syngenta Donates One-of-a-Kind Laboratory Equipment to N.C. PSI

Long-time NC State corporate partner Syngenta, a global agriculture company, donated four plant growth chambers with unique capabilities and a specialized weighing system for water-use research to NC State’s Plant Sciences Initiative. The Plant Sciences Building is scheduled to open in early 2022.

Aug 25, 2020

What a Changing Climate May Mean for Crop Pests

Agricultural systems in most parts of the world are the result of generations of trial and error (and, over the last 100 or so years, agricultural research) that, ultimately, reduce that risk as much as possible. In other words, agriculture depends on the local predictability of environmental conditions. Climate change reduces that predictability.

Aug 5, 2020

Thinking Big: Interview with Borlaug Fellow Fatma Gül Maraş Vanlioğlu

Fatma Gül Maraş Vanlioğlu sat down for a short interview with CALS International Programs during her three month Borlaug Fellowship at NC State.

Aug 4, 2020

The Economic Impact of Microwave Processing: From Greene County to Kenya

Josip Simunovic has a passion for improving the world. One food product at a time. His microwave processing technology to turn ugly produce into long-lasting puree has had a major economic impact on communities from eastern North Carolina to Kenya.