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Plant Food Processing

The Plant Food Processing Program serves different sectors of the food processing industry, such as fruit and vegetable processing and innovative plant-based products, as well as food and growers associations, food supply chain, and general consumers.


  • Accelerated shelf-life study for shelf-stable products and ingredients
  • Food product design and development, e.g. new products, process optimization, ingredient applications, and scale-up
  • Training and workshops, including good manufacturing practices and advanced thermal processing


  • Anton Paar MCR92 Viscometer
  • Aqualab-4 Water Activity Meter: Time-efficient water activity measurement
  • Biotek Gen-5 Epoch2 Microplate Reader: Powerful instrument to analyze colorimetric-based tests such as total phenolic content (TPC) or DPPH tests
  • CEM Protein Analyzer: Calculates true protein content for a given sample based on the individual protocols
  • Goldenwell FS-900N Ultrasonic Processor: Effective particle size reduction for plant matters
  • Konica-Minolta CR-5 Spectrophotometer-Colorimeter: Built-in calibration and expedient color profile analysis
  • Labconco Port Chamber Freeze Dryer: Protein yield and bioactive compounds extraction with minimal destruction
  • Mettler-Toledo HE53 Moisture Meter: Small sample (min. 0.5g) moisture analysis
  • PHCBI MLR-352H-PA Incubator: Controlled temperature, humidity, and light for accelerated shelf-life studies in food products and ingredients
  • SALD-201F Shimadzu Particle Distribution Analyzer
  • Sorvall X-Pro Series Centrifuge
  • Thermoscientific- Cimarec iTM Multipoint 15 Stirplate