researcher at hood


Through our research, we make meaningful contributions to science and society.

Enhancing Quality of Life

We solve real-world problems through fundamental and translational research. Our research on plants and insects impacts human lives. 

Undergraduate and graduate students alike receive training and experience in our laboratory and field projects. Teamed with renowned faculty, graduate students conduct research at the forefront of the field—innovative exploration to be consumed and utilized by other scientists and applied to complicated modern problems.

Our location in Raleigh, NC, and near the Research Triangle Park extends unique opportunities to collaborate with other university researchers and regional research agencies.

Entomology Research

Research is an integral part of the entomology graduate program. We have identified five areas of concentration that define the diverse strengths within our faculty and guide our graduate students in developing their plans of work for graduate students within these areas. Within each area of concentration, students have specializations dictated by their interests and career objectives, as well as their specific area of research.

Plant Pathology Research

We focus on three broad areas of research in plant pathology. Students can engage in one-on-one research experiences in their preferred area of interest.