Blue Damselfly on leaf

Spring 2023 Entomology and Plant Pathology Seminars

1/911:15 am3503 Thomas Hall (Stephens Room)Terri BilleisenNCSU, DEPPScience Communication in Entomology: Strategies to improve knowledge transfer from research to teaching and extension
1/2311:15 am3503 Thomas Hall (Stephens Room)Max ScottNCSU, DEPPMale-only and gene drive strains for genetic biocontrol of insect pests
1/3011:15 am3503 Thomas Hall (Stephens Room)Steve FrankNCSU, DEPPAdventures in landscape IPM and urban ecology
2/611:15 am3503 Thomas Hall (Stephens Room)Dave AngeliniColby CollegeDirect flights only!—Evolution and development in a dispersal-fecundity trade off
2/1311:15 am3503 Thomas Hall (Stephens Room)Shuijin HuNCSU, DEPPPlant-microbe interactive control of ecosystem responses to climate change
2/2011:15 am3503 Thomas Hall (Stephens Room)Marc CubetaNCSU, DEPPA mycological journey
2/2711:15 am3503 Thomas Hall (Stephens Room)George KennedyNCSU, DEPPDeveloping Technologies, Agricultural Intensification, and IPM: Promises, Pitfalls, and the Future of Agriculture
3/13NO SEMINARSpring Break
3/204:00 pmPSB Seminar Room CKirsten LahreNCSU, DEPPDeveloping new sources of resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) and emerging resistance breaking (RB) strains
3/274:00 pmPSB Seminar Room CJennie FagenNCSU, DEPPHarnessing bacteriophage for improved plant health
4/6 - Mike Duke Seminar10:30 amToxicology Auditorium (TOX 2104)David WagnerUniversity of ConnecticutInsect Decline in the Anthropocene: Death by a Thousand Cuts
4/104:00 pmPSB Seminar Room CEric BranchCornell UniversityRhizoctonia solani, azoxystrobin, and the rhizosphere microbiome: Opportunities for improved disease management in table beets
4/174:00 pmPSB Seminar Room CPeter OjiamboNCSU, DEPPOECD Fellowship: A Funding Option to Support Scholarly Leave Reassignment
4/18 - Rosie Perez Seminar4:00 pmPSB, Room 1322AAnne VidaverUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnBacteria and plants: Opportunities and challenges