Blue Damselfly on leaf

Spring 2024 Entomology and Plant Pathology Seminars

Seminars are held on Mondays from 11:15 am until 12:15 pm in the Stephens Room (Thomas Hall, Room 3503).

*Note two special seminars below.

1/8No Seminar - First Day of Classes----
1/15No Seminar - MLK Day----
*1/1611:15 amStephens RoomKatarina MikacSchool of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences at the University of Wollongong, AustraliaShape up and ship out: do Bt-resistant corn earworm moths have wing shapes better suited to long distance flight?
1/2211:15 amStephens RoomMike RoeNC State - DEPPUse of industrial minerals for vector control and the unexpected
1/2911:15 amStephens RoomJerson GuedesUniversidade Federal de Santa MariaMy trajectory in entomology in parallel with the changes in Brazilian agriculture
2/511:15 amStephens RoomBrian WiegmannNC State - DEPPMacroevolutionary patterns in feeding habit specialization of flies and mosquitoes
2/1211:15 amStephens RoomFletcher HallidayOregon State UniversityDisease ecology of wild plants from leaves to landscapes
2/1911:15 amStephens RoomTurner SpratlingUniversity of GeorgiaSustainable management of dollar spot and genetic diversity of Clarireedia in Georgia
2/2611:15 amStephens RoomJustin Van GoorUniversity of MissouriParasitodiplogaster nematode influences on fig community dynamics, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the worm
3/411:15 amStephens RoomPetra WoltersCorteva, Inc.Enhancing Plant Health – Providing Solutions to Global Pathogen Challenges
3/11No Seminar - Spring Break----
3/1811:15 amStephens RoomChris JonesNC State - Ctr. for Geospatial AnalyticsIterative Forecasting of Plant Pests and Pathogens
3/2511:15 amStephens RoomJim WalgenbachNC State - DEPPHow I Manage my Friends: With Pesticides, Natural Enemies, Semiochemicals and Other Interesting Approaches
4/111:15 amStephens RoomPeter OjiamboNC State - DEPPEpidemiology and Pathogen Population Biology: Recent
Insights from Selected Model Systems
4/3 (Mike Duke Seminar)9:00 amStephens RoomEmily MeinekeUC DavisHerbivory through the ages: Uncovering the past and future of earth’s most diverse species interactions
4/8 (Parman Lecture)11:15 amStephens RoomFaith OiUFLFuture-Proofing Programs in Urban Pest Management
4/1511:15 amStephens RoomEmme BrunsUniversity of MarylandResist and persist: Ecological and evolutionary perspectives on disease dynamics in natural plant populations
4/2211:15 amStephens RoomEric BenbowMichigan StateInsect-Microbiome Interactions During Carrion Decomposition: Forensic Science Applications
4/244:00 pmTOX 2104 AuditoriumJohanna Del CastilloUC Davisowards resilient greenhouses: a systems approach for disease management in ornamental and vegetable transplant production under cultural and environmental changes.